Toshiba Laptops Prices In Ghana 2023

Do you need a Toshiba laptop to buy in Ghana? Do you want to know the prices of Toshiba laptops in Ghana and also get to models of them? If your answer is yes, then the article have you covered.


In this article guide, we will show you the costs of Toshiba laptops in Ghana, and also we will highlight the information on Toshiba laptops.

What Is The Price Of Toshiba Laptop In Ghana?

ModelPrice (GHC)
Dynabook E10-SFrom 1,431
Dynabook Satellite Pro C50From 2,650
Satellite Pro L50-GFrom 5,830
Protégé 12 Core i7 8th Gen 16GB RAMFrom 4,240
Toshiba laptop TecraA50-01R01S Intel Core i7 7th Gen 7500UFrom 7,950
Toshiba i3 laptopFrom 1,050

There are different models of Toshiba laptops in Ghana. The price of the Toshiba laptop depends on the model and the specifications of the laptop. Below are some of the prices of the models of Toshiba laptops.

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Toshiba Laptops Prices In Ghana

How Can I Know My Toshiba Laptop Model?

On your Toshiba laptop, the model and serial number can be seen at the bottom case of the laptop as either a printed sticker or laser etched into the cover.

Also, you can find it by checking it on your laptop. Just follow the steps below;

  • Firstly click on the Start button.
  • In the search bottom, type in “System Information”
  • In the list of the search results, that’s under “Programs” click on System Information to open the System Information window.
  • Then look for the model in the System section.

How Do I Make My Toshiba Laptop Faster?

By following the steps below, you would be able to speed up your Toshiba laptop;

  1. Try and empty your internal cache.
  2. You have to run a spyware removal tool to remove unwanted spyware and malware from your Toshiba laptop.
  3. Also, you have to defragment your hard drive.
  4. You have to remove unused programs on your computer.
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We have assembled enough information about the Toshiba laptop in this article. However, the prices of some models of Toshiba Laptops have been stated in this article as well.

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