Top 8 Amazing Ways ChatGPT Can Be Used

By | April 19, 2023

If you want to know how many ways ChatGPT can be used, then I will gladly say there are over a thousand ways it can be used. ChatGPT has functions that have not even been found yet so it is like a universal AI.

I know you have heard about ChatGPT a few times. But have you taken your time to look it up or check with it does? If you do not know yet, then brace yourself as I introduce to you the AI of our generation.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a conversational AI model that replies to every question regardless of the topic. This AI unlike similar chatbots is trained to differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate questions and react accordingly. It converses with following-up answers just like a human being will converse.

We have seen Artificial Intelligence evolve over time but nothing like ChatGPT has been seen yet. Of course, we did have Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and the other smart engines answer a few questions here and there. But this particular AI engine is on a completely different level.

Let us look at some of the things it can do that makes it different from others. If you still want to know more about the ChatGPT bot, then visit our ChatGPT Review article to learn more.

12 Amazing Ways ChatGPT Can Be Used

If you want to use ChatGPT, you will have to visit and sign up for a free account. From there, you can start using this bot for anything including the following.

All the things that I put here that ChatGPT can do depend on how you phrase your questions. There are certain questions you might put out there that you will not get answers for. I have tested this bot with many different types of tasks and these are some of the tasks it performed that amazed me.

1. Translate

2 Amazing Ways ChatGPT Can Be Used translator

ChatGPT can be used as a translator since it can translate into any language you ask it to. Of course, it is a minor feature that most similar AI has in common.

I simply input “Translate I love you to Chines” and it translated to Chinese. Again, I said “Say I love you in Thai” it also translated perfectly

2. Writing codes

This chatbot can be used to write codes. By writing codes, I am talking about programming. Provided you know what you want to see, you can let this bot do all the heavy lifting for you.

Just say what you want your code to do and it will write it according to your specification. The only thing I have realized about this bot is the fact that you will have to be very precise when it comes to codes. You have to state emphatically what you want your code to be doing and which language you want your code in.

3. Convert code from one programming language to the other

2 Amazing Ways ChatGPT Can Be Used - Converting code

Most people do not know this but one of the ways ChatGPT can be used is as a code convertor. You can actually convert the from one programming language to another. The reason why this is possible is that the chatbot understands all programming languages.

All it has to do is read the code and rewrite the code with the same function in another language. The most important part of it all depends on how you phrase your sentences for the bot to understand.

4. Debugging code

2 Amazing Ways ChatGPT Can Be Used - debugging code

You can use ChatGPT for debugging your already-written code. Even if you wrote your code linking to external resources, simply paste it. This chatbot will debug your code and rewrite it how it is supposed to be for you.

Like I always say; “It depends on how you phrase your sentences”.

5. Answering hypothetical questions

For the first time in my life, I have seen a computer that can answer hypothetical questions. Yes! This chatbot can answer hypothetical questions. You do not even have to phrase the question in any special way. Just type it as you are asked and it will answer

It doesn’t only answer your questions but it also explains the answer to the core so you can understand how it arrived at the particular answer. That is very amazing.

7. Designing excel sheets

2 Amazing Ways ChatGPT Can Be Used - creating excel sheet

You can create a fully functional excel sheet with this amazing chatbot. All I had to do is state exactly how I want my sheet and it was designed in less than 20 seconds. I think the most important thing is being precise with what exactly you want.

After generating a sample table, it gave out the instruction on how to achieve this in the excel software. I have never seen an AI that can do this much.

8. For tutorials

If you are someone like me who prefers to follow through written tutorials than videos, you can use this bot. Learning from this bot is very easy especially if you know what you want to learn.

The fact that you can give it a follow-up with extra questions makes it easy for you to use this bot as a teacher. You will get all your questions answered right away unlike other tutorials where you have to leave a comment and wait for so long to get your questions answered. Sometimes you do not even get answers at all.


ChatGPT is an amazing chatbot. It has been demonstrated to be more intelligent than any of the similar technologies we know of.

You can use the chatbot for so many things including answering questions or performing tasks that are complex for humans. I believe working faster is necessary to complete more tasks but understanding what you are doing is also very important.

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