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By | March 25, 2023

The Fat Burning Kitchen Review (2023 Update): Is It Worth Buying? Read This Review Before You Buy The Fat Burning Kitchen.

The Fat-Burning Kitchen by Mike Geary at the Truth About Abs website is a simple fat loss health book guide that helps people find foods that burn fat and foods that make you gain fat.

People say that losing weight begins in the kitchen, not at the gym.

In The Fat-Burning Kitchen, readers learn about a 24-hour diet change that turns your body into a machine that burns fat. By following the suggested diet plans, you can lose weight more quickly.

What does The Fat-Burning Kitchen do? How can certain foods help you start to lose weight? In our review, we tell you everything you need to know about The Fat-Burning Kitchen and how it works.

What does The Fat-Burning Kitchen do? sells a book called The Fat-Burning Kitchen.

For a shipping fee of $7, you can get a physical copy of The Fat-Burning Kitchen sent to your house. There’s no catch—just it’s a $7 diet book that will be sent to your home.

The Fat-Burning Kitchen was written by Mike Geary, who is best known for his books The Truth About Six Pack Abs and The Top 101 Foods that Fight Aging.

The Fat-Burning Kitchen is for people who are fed up with trying to lose weight. You may feel like you work out a lot and eat well, but you aren’t losing weight.

Mike Geary says that many of us eat everyday things that “make your fat cells sick.” If your fat cells get sick, it’s impossible to lose weight.

Let’s take a closer look at The Fat-Burning Kitchen and how it can help you lose weight.

The Idea Behind The Fat-Burning Kitchen

The idea behind The Fat-Burning Kitchen is that some foods are bad for losing weight, even if they seem healthy or fit into your calorie macros.

On the sales page, this is how Mike talks about The Fat-Burning Kitchen:

“Find out how the foods you eat every day make your fat cells sick and make it impossible for you to lose weight. They also hurt your joints, mess up your hormones, make your skin age quickly, and can even cause diabetes.”

Mike Geary says that many of the foods we think are good for us are not.

According to what most doctors say, orange juice, whole wheat bread, soy, and corn are all healthy. Mike, on the other hand, says that all of these healthy foods make your body store fat.

Mike asks a simple question to show that conventional medical wisdom is out of date: how many doctors in America are overweight? Mike talks about a study in Physicians Health that looked at 19,000 doctors and found that 40% were overweight and 23% were obese.

Why are doctors who are too fat a problem? Mike says that these doctors give advice on how to lose weight that doesn’t work:

“Physicians who are overweight or obese say they are much less confident than their normal-weight colleagues when it comes to giving diet or exercise advice to their patients.”

So, The Fat-Burning Kitchen tries to help you lose weight by giving you medical advice that is different from what you would get from a regular doctor.

Who is The Fat-Burning Kitchen For?
Mike Geary and his team try to sell The Fat-Burning Kitchen to people who have problems with:

No matter how hard you diet or exercise, you can’t get rid of stubborn belly fat.

Bloating that hurts or makes you feel bad, especially after eating or drinking, or any other kind of digestion problem

Pain and aches in the joints

Frustrating sleep issues

Mood swings

Skin that is dry, flaky, wrinkled, or looks old and makes you look older than you are.

Of course, almost everyone has had these problems at some point. So, The Fat-Burning Kitchen is aimed at anyone who wants to lose stubborn body fat and look and feel thinner.

Foods to stay away from to lose weight

The Fat-Burning Kitchen says that some foods that people think are healthy aren’t nearly as healthy as people think.

Mike Geary says that, for example, whole wheat and vegetable oil are linked to a higher risk of getting sick and gaining weight.

Foods Mike recommends avoiding include:

Mike says to stay away from wheat and whole wheat because, among other things, they mess up your blood sugar, make you age faster, make you gain weight, and make you more likely to get diabetes. Wheat can make your blood sugar go up, which is bad for your health even if you don’t have diabetes. Wheat also has “gluten and other compounds that hurt the gut,” says Mike.

In fact, wheat has “antinutrients” called phytates that stop minerals like zinc, iron, manganese, and calcium from being absorbed by your body. If you eat too much, your body can’t use these vitamins and minerals.

Vegetable Oils: Mike recommends avoiding vegetable oils for three reasons. First, even non-hydrogenated vegetable oils often have dangerous trans fats. Second, vegetable oils have oxidized fats that are worse than trans fats and cause heart attacks. Third, Mike Geary says that vegetable oils throw off your ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats by as much as 30:1 in favor of the inflammatory omega-6 fats.

Other “Healthy” Foods: Mike has problems with many other so-called “healthy” foods in The Fat-Burning Kitchen, such as whole-grain bread and cereals, whole-grain crackers, soy milk, tofu, veggie burgers, orange juice, apple juice, skim milk, or homogenized milk, margarine, sports drinks, protein bars, low-carb processed foods, soybean oil, diet ice cream, diet desserts, and pre-packaged.

After getting rid of problem foods, Mike tells you what to eat instead, including foods that have been shown to help you lose weight and not stop you from losing weight.

What to eat to lose weight
Mike Geary says that if you want to lose weight, you should eat all of the following:

Prebiotics and Fermentable Fibers: Fermentable fibers feed the good bacteria in your gut, which are called probiotic bacteria. Sweet potatoes, yams, yucca, and other foods contain prebiotics.

Probiotics and Fermented Foods: Fermented foods like kefir, sauerkraut, and some kinds of yogurt are full of probiotic bacteria, which have been shown to help with digestion, gas, and other problems.

Mike says you should take turmeric to help your liver get rid of “toxic substances that have been building up there because your gut is damaged.” Mike also says that turmeric helps your body “fight dangerous inflammation.”

Mike also suggests living a low-stress life and learning how to exercise, sleep better, and breathe better. Stress hurts your gut, so if you live a stressful life, your gut might not be as healthy as it could be.

The Fat-Burning Kitchen Features & Benefits

By doing what Mike suggests for health and wellness, it’s said that anyone can enjoy benefits like:

Get rid of stubborn stomach fat

Fix your hormones

Diabetes needs to be fought.

Help you look and feel younger than your age.

Find out what foods help you lose weight and what foods make it harder to lose weight.

How to choose foods that help you burn fat at the store, stop counting calories, and start losing weight from your kitchen.

Reduce your hunger and cravings.

What will you learn from The Fat-Burning Kitchen?

Some of the other things that The Fat-Burning Kitchen talks about are:

How to stop counting calories by getting rid of your cravings automatically and permanently controlling your appetite (Mike claims he has not had a craving in 7 years because of this strategy)

How polyunsaturated fats, like omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, aren’t as healthy as you might think

Which protein bars and energy bars are really just chocolate bars or candy bars in disguise, and which ones are good for you?

Why you need saturated fat and cholesterol in your diet, and why not getting enough saturated fat and cholesterol can throw off the balance of your hormones?

Why skim milk isn’t as healthy as you might think it is

The best healthy sweeteners, including those with no calories

Why whole eggs are better for you than egg whites

How diet soda and other low-calorie foods and drinks make it harder to lose weight

Why soy milk, tofu, and veggie burgers make you get fat around your middle

Overall, The Fat-Burning Kitchen claims to give you hundreds of actionable tips to permanently change your diet and force your body to burn fat more effectively, “while also preventing diabetes,” among other benefits.


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