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By | March 10, 2023

Ted’s Woodworking Review (2023 Update): Is It Worth Buying? Read This Review Before You Buy Ted’s Woodworking.

Ted’s Woodworking is a collection of more than 16,000 woodworking courses that help people do woodworking projects on their own even if they have never done it before. By signing up for this plan, you can learn how to make furniture, dog houses, garden benches, birdhouses, and other woodworking projects.

We’ve all heard about those “pops” who make all of the furniture in their home themselves. And someone who doesn’t know how to do it is superhuman.

“How do I become a pro woodworker, though?

You Could Ask.

And this same desire led you to Ted’s Woodworking, which is one of the most talked-about woodworking workbooks right now.

We made this hands-free, honest, and unbiased Ted’s Woodworking Review to separate the rumors from the facts. Here you will find:

Who is behind Ted’s Woodworking and what is it?

Plans, diagrams, and instructions for woodworking.

Why you should buy Ted’s Woodworking and why you shouldn’t.

Explaining how easy and quick it is to follow the plans.

Prices, how refunds work, customer service, etc.

Ted’s Woodworking is compared to other popular how-to books.

A Quick Look at Ted’s Woodworking Review
There are 16,000 projects that don’t need to be built from scratch.

Plan details include schematic diagrams, a cutting/materials list, views from different angles, and steps that can be taken.

Deliverable: Digital Access to Video Inventory

Bonus: 150 premium woodworking videos, the DWG/CAD Plan Viewer software, the Complete Woodworking Guides ebook, and the How to Start a Woodworking Business ebook (eBook),

Physical Shipping: Yes, 2 DVDs Will Be Sent Upon Request

On-request Personalized Plan: Yes


Who Does It Help? : Beginner & Intermediate Woodworkers

Yes, there are five new plans every month, and they are sent to you by email.

All Devices Can Be Used (phone, tablet, laptop, etc)

How to get your money back: 100% money-back guarantee

Yes, you can get help after a sale through email and a Support ticket.

Price: $47 ($487 plus $39 per month)

Recurring/Hidden Payments: None

The website where you can buy it

Ted’s Woodworking Pros
Each of the 16,000 plans is broken down into a schedule.

There are colourful diagrams and a simple explanation.

Has EXACT measurements, cuttings, and a list of materials.

There are pictures of every part and angle of the projects.

Doesn’t require that you know how to work with wood.

Support system that works well from the official vendor.

Offers 100% Refund

Has a value of $297 but only costs $47.

Ted’s Woodworking Cons
Server might sometimes be slow.

There are a lot of bad reviews online that are most likely not true.

Some of the plans might look like they are pretty similar.

Only on the official website.

What does Ted do with wood?
Ted’s Woodworking is a collection of more than 16,000 woodworking courses that help people do woodworking projects on their own even if they have never done it before. By signing up for this plan, you can learn how to make furniture, dog houses, garden benches, bird houses, and other woodworking projects.

What Do You Get When You Buy?
This woodworking course gives you access to all kinds of woodworking projects so that you can learn from the best experts. So, what do you get out of each of their programs? Let’s find out!

The Book of Plans for Woodworking
Ted’s Woodworking gives you access to 16,000 plans, which you already know. It has the most information about woodworking that you can find online. All of these plans include step-by-step instructions with pictures.

They are made for people who are just starting out. So you don’t have to worry about not knowing how to work with wood. All you have to do is get the materials ready and follow what the videos say to do.

DWG / CAD Plan Viewer
The best thing about this platform for learning is that it has a free DWG/CAD plan viewer. It is software that lets you make your own plans for woodworking and change them.

If you want to use this software but don’t want to sign up for the plan, it will cost about $100. You can get it for free from Ted Woodworking, along with the courses.

A List of 150 High-Quality Videos
You can watch 150 high-quality videos that are part of the woodworking course. It’s like making a one-time investment in a way to learn for life. If you want, you can also choose the DVD option.

Yes, you don’t have to keep getting new copies of the videos. Also, the videos are detailed enough to teach you advanced techniques, steps, and tutorials that will make you a professional woodworker.

Complete Woodworking Guides
In addition to the videos, you now have a bonus guide to help you feel at ease. As a bonus to each plan, you can get access to detailed guides for woodworking. Along with these guides, you can also find a list of all the woodworking tools and materials.

These 200-page guides will help you keep up with the videos and make it easier to learn. Also, these guides will teach you a lot of tips and tricks. So, it’s great if you’re just starting out in woodworking.

About The Author- Ted McGrath
Ted McGrath is the mastermind behind this huge platform for learning how to work with wood. He works at Slate as a coach, mentor, speaker, writer, and master woodworker. He also writes books that sell a lot.

His unique methods make it easier and faster for people who are just starting out to learn how to work with wood. All of the credit goes to the many years he has spent working with wood.

He also made 5 well-known brands and helped many coaches, speakers, and people who ran service-based businesses.

Is Ted McGrath A Real Woodworker?
Yes, Ted McGrath really does work with wood. He’s been making things out of wood for the past 40 years. With all of his years of experience, he made Ted’s Woodworking, which is his master’s course.

He gave away his secret ways of working with wood in the form of a detailed guide in 16,000 woodworking plans. If you carefully follow his plans and step-by-step instructions, you will learn this skill.

What And How Many Project Plans Are in Ted’s Woodworking?
I keep saying that Ted’s Woodworking gives you access to 16,000 plans. In this section, I’ll list all of these plans and tell you what kind they are. It will help you figure out which plan is right for you.

How Do Woodworking Projects Look Like In Real Life?
Ted McGrath has written a beautiful book with step-by-step instructions on how to make woodworking projects that turn out well. His complicated designs are easy to understand from every angle because they are so well thought out.

You can make a lot of different woodworking projects if you follow Ted’s plans, which look like this picture. You can build anything you want, from simple chairs to wooden bikes.

Ted’s Woodworking Stands Out Because of 5 Things
Now, I don’t want you to be a jackass and buy something that isn’t worth your money. You might think that having 16,000 plans is just a way to get people to buy. But it’s real, and here’s why you can trust this woodworking course:

Detailed instructions with blueprints
For each woodworking plan, there is a detailed set of instructions with pictures. Just follow the plans and pictures to build the furniture you want for your home’s interior and decoration.

Picture Every Corner Before Building
Ted’s Woodworking gives you so many detailed instructions that you won’t have to guess anymore. You can see how your furniture will look in every corner even before you build it. So, it makes woodworking much easier, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

No Certification Required
This course doesn’t require any training or certification before you take it. It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever touched wood before or not. This course teaches you everything you need to know about woodworking, from A to Z, in easy-to-understand terms.

One Time Purchase, Lessons for Life
Ted’s woodworking is great because you don’t have to buy a plan every month. You can get monthly plans for free if you pay $67, which is a discount price. You won’t have to pay every month to keep the subscription. There are no hidden fees or expiration dates. It’s like a gold mine for people who like to work with wood.

Custom Plan and Support from Pros
You’ll also like that Ted’s Woodworking has plans that are made just for you. You’d rather not sign up for any of their 16,000 plans? No problem! You can ask them to help you find a craftsman for a custom project. Plus, they have places where they can go to get help and advice from master woodworkers.

Guaranteed money back
Ted’s Woodworking also lets you try out this woodworking course for 60 days. You can get all of your money back if you don’t like it. Just send them an email telling them you don’t like it. They won’t ask any questions and will give you your money back right away.

Time And Money Saver
How does it make you feel when your hard-earned money goes to waste? Yes, I was also upset when I had to throw away materials worth thousands of dollars. I didn’t know how many and which materials I should use.

Thanks to Ted’s Woodworking, which has a long list of cutting tools and materials, you can do all of this. You’ll only spend money on things you need. So, each plan helps you make less mistakes, spend your money wisely, and use less energy.

I haven’t seen many plans in Ted’s Woodworking that have this kind of combination. So, it makes sense that people don’t choose other things.

But this plan won’t help everyone the same way.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Ted’s Woodworking
This program has three bad things about it that you might not like. But it can be different for each person. But there are some things you should know:

Disorganized Categories
It’s a mess because it’s a big course with 16,000 plans and clear instructions. At first glance, it might look like a lot of work. The plans could have been put into more categories and subcategories to make them easier to find.

How to Overcome
In this situation, the search option is helpful. You don’t have to look at every plan to find the one you like best. Just use the finding tool to look for the woodworking plan you want. And you’ll figure out the plan in an instant!

Longer Downloading Time
The file size is bigger than any other file because each plan has detailed instructions and pictures. So, it takes a long time to get this plan.

How to Overcome
But you can get Ted’s Woodworking on DVD. If you think the online version is too much work, you can ask for the DVD to be sent to you. Just tell them where you are, and they’ll send the course to you.

In-depth Guides
Yes, some people may not like this point. This plan is not for you if you don’t like to get into too many details. It’s hard for people who skim quickly to get all the information at a glance. Especially a woodworker who does it for a living might find it annoying.

So, it really is up to you. Do you think that these problems are too big? If that’s the case, I suggest you look for other woodworking plans. But if they don’t bother you too much, I’d say give it a try. You’ll gain more than you’ll lose.

So, should you get Ted’s Woodworking?
I’d tell you the truth. I haven’t gone through all of the course’s 16,000 plans. So, I can’t tell if all of the plans are good. I’ve seen most of the plans for the house and garden, though. And I have to say it really helped me!

Even though I haven’t used all of the plans yet, I looked at it from every angle. And after thinking about all the pros and cons, I think you should buy Ted’s Woodworking.

It depends on how you learn and how much you want to know about the subject. But it’s rare that they give so many detailed instructions for such a low price.

I still want to say who this course would be most useful for. It’s because everyone has different goals, and it wouldn’t be fair if I told everyone to do the same thing.

Who Should Buy Ted’s Woodworking?
Based on my experience, I have made a list of criteria for buying based on my goals, interests, and needs. Check to see if you fit into any of these groups. If you do that, you’ll know that Ted’s Woodworking will work for you.

Here are some situations in which you should buy Ted’s Woodworking:

Have no idea how to work with wood and want to start at the beginning.

Want to see what the furniture will look like before you build it.

Need all the rules for woodworking in one place.

Want access to learning materials for life but don’t want to pay fees over and over again.

Aren’t woodworkers for a living, but you enjoy working with wood in your spare time.

Can you identify with any of these groups? If you do, you shouldn’t waste any more time. I can promise you that Ted’s Woodworking is a safe place to put your money.

Is Ted’s Woodworking Legit?
Ted’s Woodworking is real, yes. They are doing business in the U.S.

How Will the Book Get to You?
The book will be sent to you as a PDF. You’ll get a file with a bunch of PDFs in it. Each of the woodworking plans and instructions will be in these PDFs. You just need to save the PDF to your device.

But if reading the PDF is hard for you, you can also order a DVD. But you have to pay an extra $19.95 to get this.

Price, Return Policy, and Where to Buy Ted’s Woodworking?
Now, let’s talk about the money you invested. In the next sections, you’ll find out everything you need to know about Ted’s Woodworking’s price, refund policy, where to buy it, and whether or not it’s really worth buying.

How much does it cost for Ted to work?
Ted’s Woodworking costs only $67, and you only have to pay for it once. You don’t have to pay any fees that keep coming up every month. The course also doesn’t have an end date.

Ted’s Woodworking also has DVDs if you’d rather watch those than videos. In this case, all you need to do is add $19.95.

Does Ted’s Woodworking Have Value?
Yes, Ted’s woodwork is good enough to pay for. But you don’t have to believe everything I say. From the table below, you can decide for yourself. Here is a list of their products and services and how much they are worth:




All 16,000 Projects together in one set

Step-by-step instructions for woodworking, plus a list of materials and how to plan and cut.


Monthly Plans for Lifetime

Videos or 2 DVDs (upon request)


DWG and CAD Plan Viewer

Software that lets all browsers open CAD files


150 Premium Woodworking Videos

Premium-quality woodworking guidelines


How to Get Started in Woodworking

Step-by-step woodworking business guide


Complete Woodworking Guides

Ebook on woodworking basics



$487 + $39/month

With the monthly payment, you can say that the product is worth more than $500 as a whole. But as a special deal for the launch, you can get all of these for only $67. So, each time you buy something, you save 87.26% of the money.

Remember that you should act quickly when you decide to buy something. At any time, the discount could end. If you wait too long to take advantage of that deal, you’ll have to pay 8 times the discounted price. So, move quickly!

Where can I purchase Ted’s Woodworking?
You have to go to their website to buy Ted’s Woodworking. If you sign up for a subscription, you can join any of the 16,000 project plans. You can also choose from different bonus plans that you can buy.

If you don’t know how to use their website, there’s an easier way. Just go to Ted’s Woodworking’s sales page and click “Add to Cart.” Then you have to do what they tell you to do to put in your debit or credit card number.

Is Ted’s Woodworking a better woodworking course than other ones?
Now, before you go ahead and type in your card information, I suggest you do one last check. You’ll know if this course is worth your money if you compare it to similar ones.

So, what are your thoughts? Will you buy a course from Ted’s Woodworking and finally start that project you’ve always wanted to do? I’m sure you will if you’ve read this far. I hope you make the best woodworking project and shock everyone with it. Best wishes!


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