Stem Courses You Can Partake In

By | October 22, 2020

Let us take a look at some of the best STEM majors that can help you begin a successful career in life.

 These STEM majors and their corresponding careers, do not only provide a high income, but are also expected to be in high-demand for years to come.

Chemical Engineering

This degree covers the development and design of products that involve chemical and biological changes. Chemical engineers are involved in the production of drugs, food, fuels, household chemicals, and substances used in mechanics. They are often involved in the development of manufacturing processes but can also work on safety and health issues involving chemistry.

Health & Safety Engineering

Combining health and safety practices with engineering practices, health and safety majors teaches systems that keep people from injury and sickness.

Having knowledge in health and safety engineering, you will get to know how to evaluate equipments, identify potential job risks, and be able to operate mechanical controls.

Database Administration

The organization and implementation of databases is crucial to every organizations, including businesses, non-profits, and government institutions.

It is vital for Database administrators to have knowledge in database language such as SQL and equip themselves with vital computer science and information technological skills.

Agricultural Engineering

Having and educational background in Agriculture engineering is no doubt needed for the development of agricultural systems, structure, and equipments.

Students who acquire agricultural engineering skills will put to good use, their programming skills to design equipment or modify environmental factors systems to enhance production.

This discipline will equip students with skills to construct agricultural hardware.


Using dense, complex amounts of data, statisticians answer questions, solve problems, and analyze trends. A degree in statistics, which develops a student’s mathematical and analytical skills, is essential for any statistician. Courses during a statistics degree can include probability, experimental design, calculus, and more.


If you choose to study architecture, one of the most common STEM degrees, you will learn how to design the structures where people live, work, and play. Architecture takes into account scientific laws, but also includes artistic design, creating buildings and homes that are visually pleasing.

Environmental Engineering

As environmental awareness grows alongside the global population, the need for a systems that allow us to live our lives with less impact on the planet will have to be enhanced.

A STEM educational discipline in environmental engineering equips students to prepare environmental reports, design environmental protection structures, and study the effects of infrastructure development.

Materials Science & Engineering

With hands-on development of nearly any product or material available, people with an education in materials science and engineering are responsible for developing a wide range of items, ranging from everyday to rare. They can work with many different raw materials, including metals, plastics, and ceramics to create innovative new products.

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