Singorama Review

By | September 22, 2021

Do you ever find yourself singing in the shower without realizing it, or perhaps performing along with the singer on the radio while driving around town? Maybe you’re the type of person who hums as you go about your day.

If you can relate to any of them, or even all of them, you have a talent that needs to be developed! If not, but you want to add singing to your repertoire, keep reading to find out how.

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For the longest time, singing was supposed to be a talent that was innate. Because if it isn’t there right away, there’s no incentive to go hunting for it or even try to coax it out of yourself.

However, this is where the majority of individuals go wrong. With a little training and practice, you may start wherever you are on the learning to sing path and progress in your competence! All you need is an amazing companion for your adventure, and you’ll be fine.

You may be wondering, “How can I enroll in singing classes with the ongoing pandemic?” Fortunately, like with many other skills, courses for this specific gift have been offered online, and there are a wealth of online singing lessons to select from!

But seek no further because Singorama, one of the best online voice instruction programs for bringing out and improving your singing abilities, is now available.

What Exactly Is Singorama?

Singorama 2021 Review: Does It Actually Work? 1
Singorama is one of the newest online singing courses available to those who want to learn how to become a fantastic singer and those who want to give their singing career an exciting jump start.

Before you determine whether this is the right fit for you, let’s have a look at what Singorama has to offer.

Review of Singorama’s Online Program
This course comprises 28 audio tutorials in total, but they are divided into six parts. The sheer quantity of classes demonstrates that they take their job seriously and are serious about teaching you how to sing with flair.

Let’s take a closer look at the individual components of their program.

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First and foremost (Lessons 1-3)
The course begins with a lesson that will help you determine where you are with your vocals. They will have you do regular voice warm-ups and educate you how to take care of your vocal chords by practicing breathing techniques and proper posture when singing.

This module contains three courses that will gradually introduce you to the program. It teaches you how to strengthen your voice and, in the final section, how to project your voices with tremendous assurance using the loaded resonance system.

Isn’t this a jam-packed initial module? But we’re only getting started. The goal of this introductory session is to ensure that you understand how to avoid strain when singing, which you will be doing a lot as you progress through the program.

Vocal Techniques And Skills (Lessons 4-8)
This section contains five fun lessons that will guide you through various singing approaches and show you how to improve your tone and pitch. If you want to sing like a pro, bridging vocalization will undoubtedly help you.

Lesson 7, which focuses on bad habits that you should be aware of in order to break them, is also a big favorite with current students because everyone wants to get rid of these destructive practices that we have been doing for as long as we can remember. It’s past time to leave them in the past where they belong!

It gets much more exciting in lesson 8 when you discuss the wonderful vocal technique of extending your range! And you thought your singing ability was all there was to it. In actuality, you don’t have to stop improving your craft as long as you’re teachable.

Music Theories (Lessons 9-11)
It’s fantastic to be able to sing and learn how to improve. However, you must also be knowledgeable about the theory underlying today’s music. This manner, you will gain knowledge not only of your singing abilities, but also of the history and fundamentals that underpin them.

Singorama 2021 Review: Does It Actually Work? 
To be able to perform your vocals successfully, you must first understand how they are formed in the first place, deep within your own body. These lessons teach you about signatures (time and key), rhythm, the Solfege system with its major and minor keys, and how to read music with intervals and Solfege.

Styles of Music (Lessons 12-14)
Now that you’ve mastered the fundamentals and learnt some skills, it’s time to explore and improve your singing style. These courses will prepare you to be exposed to a variety of musical genres so that you may determine which one best suits your unique voice.

Regardless of the one you choose, you will be able to sing a wide variety of music. This lesson will teach you how to become a versatile vocalist, someone who can be a jack of all trades while also specializing in their own style!

This is the portion that students will like the most because this is when they will truly shine as singers.

Song Analysis (Lessons 15-19)
It is not enough to have the talent to sing, even if you have perfected it, if you want to be an all-around, holistic artist. You must also understand the mechanics of a song in order to sing it as well as possible.

Different songs have different vocal needs, therefore you must grasp what a piece requires of you as a vocalist. This is where you put what you’ve learned into practice by singing songs you’ve never sung before. It will put your skills to the test and push them to their maximum!

The classes will expose you to a variety of songs and will allow you to study their wordings, overall mood, personality, and the feelings created by singing them. You’ll even get to write your own works so you can get a sense of what it’s like to be a composer.

In the latter portion of the program, you will go over numerous completed songs to put everything you have learned thus far to the test.

Making a Career in Music (Lessons 20-28)
If you’ve registered in Singorama’s program or are seriously contemplating it, chances are you’re not just doing it for fun or to cross something off your to-do list. You enrolled in the training because you want to make a living off of your singing abilities.

The final section of the training focuses on getting your singing talent out into the world! The program provides ideas and insights not previously seen in any online music program. There are lessons available to assist you get started as a vocalist. They cover topics such as how to shine in auditions, how to overcome common artist obstacles, and how to perform live in front of a crowd.

You will also learn how to overcome stage fear, collaborate with a band, and even write your own songs.

Overall, Singorama offers a complete program that will certainly boost you on your singing adventure! Enrolling in online voice classes will not only provide you with a good musical foundation, but will also help you as a new musician as you make your way into the music industry.

You might be wondering who invented these excellent online singing courses right now. Who owns the brain that created it?

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The Program’s Creative Mind
Melanie Alexander is a TV personality, singer, songwriter, and voice teacher from Australia. She created Singorama after working in the music industry for many years and having a thorough understanding of how everything works.


Melanie is a member of the band “Girlfriend,” which was popular in the 1990s. She recalls having difficulty regulating her voice patterns as a young member of the group and need training on how to do so.

Singorama 2021 Review: Does It Actually Work? 3
Despite the obstacles, she thought that if you put in the effort, you may achieve success in your singing career. Her record, “Take it from Me,” achieved number one on the charts while she was still with the band, and she had four other Top 50 singles. This award recognizes her dedication to developing her vocals and overcoming obstacles.

Though the band disbanded over time, Melanie held all of her lessons close to her heart and desired to share them with everyone eager to learn and willing to work hard.


Melanie also dabbled in the kid’s genre after leaving the band and became a member of “The Maestro’s.” She even learnt swing music while working with the “Australian Swingers,” and she traversed the world while immersed in the realm of jazz.

Hosting on Television

Melanie began hosting television shows since she is not only a superb vocalist but also has a distinct flair that people have come to admire. She was as enthusiastic about her hosting assignments as she was about her singing, which she said needed a similar level of dedication.

Why is it important to know who the creator of Singorama is? Because it is true that a singing course is only as good as the person who created it.

It’s no surprise that Singorama has become one of the top online singing programs today, thanks to Melanie Alexander’s considerable knowledge, rigorous discipline, and profound love for assisting individuals who want to make it in this field.

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Singorama’s Advantages and Disadvantages
A complete Singorama review would not include a pros and drawbacks section…

Let’s look at the program’s advantages and downsides to get a more objective picture of Singorama and guarantee that your ultimate decision is the product of a well-thought-out and informed decision.

The program is not time-consuming.

Despite the course’s numerous lessons, would you believe that it only needs 15 minutes of your time each day to complete the program? It appears unbelievable, doesn’t it? But it is correct! By devoting this amount of time to your singing every day, you will progress from a beginner to a professional.

It provides extensive lesson covering.

Most online singing classes cannot offer to teach both beginning and advanced singers, but Singorama caters to both ends of the spectrum. You never have to be concerned about your voice abilities again; simply enroll in the program and begin learning! Your courses will begin broad but will get progressively detailed as you progress.

It contains a plethora of lesson resources.

Singorama offers both tangible and digital resources, depending on your preferences. It also includes a workbook (in PDF), a studio (for brief recordings), and software (Perfect Pitch) to help you track your progress throughout the course.

Singorama 2021 Review: Does It Actually Work? 4
Because of the nature of the platform, online courses have difficulties providing feedback; however, the software overcomes this by allowing you to listen to how your voice improves over the numerous classes and vocal exercises that you go through.

The combination of the online modules, your workbook, and the offered vocal exercises will certainly bring out the artist in you!

Singorama offers a money-back guarantee.

If you are dissatisfied with the course in any way, the program will refund your money. Despite this option, many rarely use it since they find the courses to be both fascinating and engaging, and they want to push themselves and achieve their highest goals with the help of Singorama.

There is no such thing as a perfect program, and Singorama is not without flaws. Even though the majority of them can be dealt with swiftly, they continue to be a source of concern for some people. So, let’s get started.

It is a little costly.

Singorama’s hardcopy workbook is somewhat pricey. Even when a digital product is available, some people prefer to learn through a physical medium.

There are simply too many lessons.

28 lessons may be too many for some folks. Not everyone will be prepared to complete such a comprehensive degree that will necessitate a significant number of studies.

It necessitates a fast and consistent internet connection.

Assume you have unreliable connection or are constantly on the road and cannot easily log on to the internet. In that situation, the online lessons may be a difficulty because all of the resources are only available while you are connected. Furthermore, if you’re a busy bee who can’t even commit to the daily requirement of 15 minutes of online time, the course isn’t for you.

It is primarily an audio program.

Singorama is mostly an audio course, which may be a drawback for people who prefer to study visually online. Despite this disadvantage, the program functions because to the great information produced by the program’s inventor.

There is no feedback available.

As previously said, online classes do not provide a direct interaction with a physical, voice instructor who can provide critique, words of encouragement, and areas for progress as rapidly as in person. Singorama, on the other hand, has established a recording studio where you can track your development as you advance through the lessons.

Despite the fact that this list of course drawbacks exists, I believe we can reasonably claim that Singorama’s many advantages outweigh them.

Singorama 2021 Review: Does It Actually Work? 
If you are genuinely passionate about your singing and want to achieve with the help of Singorama, there are numerous ways to work past the drawbacks.

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Last Thoughts
I hope you liked my Singorama review…

While Singorama can assist you whether you are a struggling novice or a serious artist, the program is solely for those who are committed to perfecting their craft. It is not a course that will turn you into a pop star overnight, but it will show you the road.

The program will require you to be vigilant, focused, and self-motivated because you will be listening to audio courses every day and tracking your progress over time.

The nice thing about Singorama is that it was designed with you in mind because, as previously stated, the founder went through the same difficulties that any new vocalist goes through.

Before you make a decision based on my Singorama review, ask yourself these questions to see if Singorama is the correct singing software for you.

Do you want to learn more about music and the industry?
Do you aspire to be a great singer or songwriter?
Are you willing to work hard and be teachable in order to attain your goals and dreams?
If you replied YES to all of the preceding questions, Singorama is most likely the greatest online singing program for you.

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