SilverCrest Blender Price In Ghana

By | May 9, 2022

SilverCrest blenders have made the reputation of being one of the best blenders on the market and people have fallen in love with it for its usefulness.

SilverCrest blenders are suitable for hard foods and crush even ice block. it is specially made for food smoothening and has the ability to crush the seed of tomatoes to fine paste. The commercial blender has thicker, more effective blades that produce improved ice crushing results, and a 2.0 liter high capacity unbreakable plastic container that lets you blend more food or liquid.

You can quickly make alcoholic cocktails, delectable mashed potatoes, nutritious smoothies, Fruit Smoothies, and omelets with this commercial blender. By purchasing a Silvercrest blender, you are bringing an invaluable kitchen aid into your home that not only improves your life and helps you save time, but also offers a comfortable environment for you to perform culinary feats on a daily basis.

The commercial Silvercrest blenders are high-powered commercial blenders capable of reaching speeds of 26,000–45,000 rpm (revolutions per minute), shattering ice in seconds, and generating smooth drinks with no lumps.

Features Of The Silver Crest Blender 

We have put together some of the capabilities of the Silver Crest Blender and they are below. 

200ml capacity polycarbonate jar.
Great dor blending coffee beans and spices.
Over-current/temperature protection system.
100% Copper Integrated motor design.
Stepless speed regulation.
Variable speed control up to 26,000 – 45,000rpm.
Stainless steel cutting blades.
Crushes ice in seconds.
Overload protection special design 6-fins blade to extract the nutrients and vitamins.
Dishwasher safe detachable

Price Of SilverCrest Blender

Silver Crest Blenders are priced differently in Ghana with much emphasis on the model and primary purpose. Silver Crest blenders of commercial capacity are more expensive than conventional Silver Crest blenders. On average, Silver Crest Blender cost between GHS 300.00 and GHS 500.00.

Where To Buy SilverCrest Blenders

You can purchase your Silvercrest blender via the following online stores or you can get them at any certified electronics dealer across the country.

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