Online Pharmacies In Ghana With Delivery, Mobile Money & Online Payments

By | December 2, 2023

There are many Online Pharmacies In Ghana With Delivery, Mobile Money & Online Payments and here are few we can provide for you.

One of the most significant commercial structures in every civilization is the pharmacy. The pharmacy is a certain spot for you to get relief, whether you have a headache, an upset stomach, or any other serious medical issue.

Now, even here in Ghana, you may purchase pharmaceuticals from the comfort of your home thanks to the existence of online apps and mobile applications.

Beyond online pharmacies in Ghana with delivery services, we have listed more information about how to order for medicine online from Pharmacies in Ghana.

In this article, we’ll take you through some of Ghana’s best online pharmacies where you can get medications and have them delivered to your home.


In Ghana, Addpharma is an online pharmacy where you can purchase medications, medical supplies, and skincare goods and have them delivered right to your door.

The company Addpharma sells prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and dietary supplements, goods for sexual health, mother-and-baby things, hygiene, and certain food items.

You don’t have to struggle to find what you want on the Addpharm webpage because every product is carefully organized into tabs so that each product corresponds to a certain tab or category.

Addpharm website:

Payment methods: Visa, Paypal, American Express, Discover, and Cash on delivery

You can contact them on 0501257178 / 0244662440

Bedita Pharma

The broad range of pharmaceutical industry services is what Bedita Pharma offers. In addition to distributing pharmaceutical supplies to organizations like pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics, the company makes effective medications easily accessible to the general population.

You can call Bedita Pharma on 0555521577

Online Pharmacies In Ghana

Top-Up Pharmacy

For ordering and delivery, this pharmacy offers an online platform. Instead of a fully functional online store, Top-up Pharmacy offers a corporate website with a section for online orders.

You may then sign in to and complete the order form on the front page with all the necessary data, such as your name, email, prescription information, and contact information. Once the order has been verified, you’ll receive a call to follow up with your delivery.

You can contact them on 0303309741 / 0204355201

MediMart Pharmacy

A premier provider of pharmaceutical services, Medimart Pharmacy offers advice, prescriptions, sales, and distributorship for a wide range of pharmaceutical products.

Although they don’t have a full online store, they do provide consumers the ability to arrange delivery to their homes, businesses, etc. You may make an order for drugs by visiting their website at and going to the Home and Office Delivery section and filling out the online form given.

Orders are delivered within two hours, according to the business, after a pharmacist calls the consumer to confirm their purchase.

You may contact them at 0502296511 if you have any questions or want to place an order for medications. You can also contact 0302815355 to speak with a pharmacist over the phone.


Most of these Pharmacies list here, are having online delivery services and you can sit from the comfort of your room and order for medicine and get it delivered instantly.

This article contains some of the top online pharmacies in Ghana. Also, we have shown how to order their drugs. After ordering a drug, they deliver it home with ease.

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