New Disney Wordle Unlimited For Both Kids and Adults

By | March 4, 2023

Disney has always brought both parents and their children together. If you are a fan of those amazing cartoons, then play Disney Wordle Unlimited with your kids and you will never regret doing that.

I grew up watching Disney cartoons and even when I didn’t know who was behind those characters, I still loved them. One amazing thing I always loved about Disney cartoons is the fact that it brings both adults and children together.

I was so happy the very first time I saw a wordle game made purposely for Disney lovers. Since we have wordle games for movie lovers, having one for cartoon lovers is a good very good thing.

Disney Wordle Unlimited

The Disney Wordle Unlimited game was designed purposely for Disney cartoon lovers. It is just a regular wordle game. However, what you will be guessing is the names of Disney characters and other things related to Disney.

As far as I know, we have a wordle game for movie lovers which is the framed wordle unlimited. Creating one for cartoon lovers is equally fair.

How to play

To play this game, you must visit in your web browser. The game is supported on mobile devices as well so you can visit from your mobile browser too.

New Disney Wordle Unlimited For Both Kids and Adults

The interface looks like the normal five-letter wordle games we know. It also has the same rules as the regular wordle game. In fact, I can say this particular game was designed using the regular Wordle game as its source code.

In the game, you have six chances to guess the Disney mystery character of the day. The name of the character must be 5 letters long.

There are also colors that will guide you when you are guessing your word. Same colors as in the regular wordle game.

The colors

The colors in the game are to guide you through the game. Each color has its meaning.

If you get a green color on a letter, it means that the particular letter is in the mystery word at the right position in your guess. All you have to do next is to keep that letter in that position when guessing your next word.

The orange color on a letter means that the letter is in the mystery word. However, it is not in the right position in your guess as it should be in the mystery word. All you have to do next is to keep switching the position of that particular letter in your next guesses until it turns green.

If you get a grey letter, it means the particular letter is not part of the mystery word. What you must do in this case is to avoid guessing any word that has those grey letters in it. The more you avoid those grey letters, the easier it will be for you to spot which word could be the mystery word.

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