Nasco Tabletop Fridge Price In Ghana

By | August 7, 2022

Getting a tabletop fridge for whatever purpose you desire to use it for will come with its own benefits and purpose.

A low-cost tabletop fridge, such as NASCO, is one of the most helpful and energy-efficient appliances on the market today, and it can even save you money in the long term. You will be making a wise decision should you decide to opt for the Nasco tabletop fridge.

Nasco has established itself as a household name in consumer electronics in the country with the affordable but quality products they have for Ghanaians. The company produces and supplies a diverse range of recognized products in the food and household industries in Ghana

NASCO takes great pleasure in producing quality products while adhering to the highest corporate ethical standards. Because the company stands for quality, creativity, and value for money, consumers are placed at the heart of all it does. NASCO is committed to providing individuals with the necessities for a good life. They operate throughout categories, with both premium and mass products, due to their size and range.
This positions them as market leaders in a number of areas, allowing them to deliver a comprehensive product portfolio that satisfies the demands and goals of all of our customers. NASCO also boasts one of the most effective distribution networks in the region, ensuring that our brands reach millions of people in far-flung areas.

In this article, we are looking at the price of Nasco tabletop fridge in Ghana.

Nasco tabletop Fridge Prices

NASCO 84L Table Top Fridge. GHC 1,299

General specifications
Capacity: 84 Litre
Recessive Handle
Lock and Key
Internal Lighting: LED
Energy Saving

NASCO 70L Table Top Fridge. GHC 700

NASCO 80L Table Top Fridge. GHC 1000

NASCO 98L Table Top Fridge. GHC 1400

Please note that the prices of goods are on the astrnomical rise and the value of the fridges may increase anytime soon and the prices listed above may not be what you will find on the market.

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