Nasco Gas Cooker Price In Ghana

By | May 18, 2022

Nasco gas cookers have come in to be very handy as they have offered us a hand in the kitchen with the meals we prepare everyday. The food which would have taken more than an hour on the traditional cola pot to get cooked will take approximately 30 minutes to be cooked.

Nasco has established itself as a household name in conumer electronics in the country with the affordable but quality products they have for Ghanaians.

If you are looking for Nasco gas cookers to buy and do not know where to start from, we present you the types of gas cookers you should know about and the price you can get them for.

Types Of Gas Cookers

There are three types of cooker available – gas, electric and dual fuel. Your choice will be largely dependent on what the current fuel supply is in your kitchen, as the easiest option is to purchase a like-for-like type. However, if you’re changing your fuel supply as part of a kitchen redesign, here’s an overview of the function and features of the three types available.

Standing Pilot Gas Cooker 

When the stove is flipped on, the gas spilling out of the burners is ignited by this flame. The virtue of the standing pilot method is that it is simple and exists independently of any external power source. The flames consume fuel even when the stove is turned off, which is a minor drawback.

Electric Ignition Gas Cooker 

Electric spark fire the surface burners of electric ignition stoves. This is the “clicking sound” that precedes the ignition of the burner. Rotating the gas burner knob to the “LITE” position or pressing the “ignition” button will unleash the sparks. Once the burner is lit, the knob is turned further to control the flame size.

When employing auto reignition, the user does not need to fully grasp or fully understand the wait-then-turn technique. When the flame begins to burn, they just adjust the burner knob to the desired flame size, and the sparking is immediately turned off.

Nasco Gas Cooker Price in Ghana

The cost of a Nasco gas cooker is largely determined by the number of burners it contains and the design.
Nasco four (4) gas cookers are priced between GHS 890.00 and GHS 1,899.00, however. Nasco’s five-burner stainless steel gas stove costs between GHS 2,750.00 and GHS 3,289.00.

Where to buy Nasco Gas cooker In Ghana 

Below are some online stores where you can check and compare the price of Nasco Gas cookers.  

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