Nasco Fridges In Ghana And Their Prices

Nasco Fridges In Ghana And Their Prices

Nasco has been helping Ghanaians in cooling their items such as meat, water, food, etc in our homes, offices, and stores. Getting a Nasco fridge for your business and home is a must and priority for each and every well-minded person. Since one does not have to worry about its better-quality features, one thing you should consider is its price.

Buying a Nasco Fridge in Ghana may not cost much but the quality and features determine its actual price.


The price of Nasco 600ltr side by side premium fridge is Gh4,299

Buying the Nasco 528 LTR SIDE BY SIDE FRIDGE Cost GHC4,799

The Nasco 198LTR top mount fridge also cost GHC1,399

The Nasco 95LTR Double Door Freezer can also be bought at GHC949

Nasco 135LTR Top mount fridge is priced at GHC1,299

Do you want the Nasco 90LTR Double door freezer? It can be bout at GHC829

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The Nasco 140LTR top mount fridge cost GHC949

NASCO 200LTR Top mount Refrigerator also cost GHC1,199

The Nasco 70LTR Table Top Fridge is priced at GHC499

One can also buy the 80LTR Table Top Fridge at the price of GHC649

Concluding, the Nasco 98LTR Table Top Refrigerator also cost GHC699

Nasco refrigerators 132ltr double door bottom freezer [DD2 -18] - Goodluck  Africa
Nasco Fridges In Ghana And Their Prices

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