Midea TableTop Fridge Price In Ghana

By | May 11, 2022

There are numerous options to consider when purchasing a refrigerator. The size of the appliance and the price tag that comes with it are usually the first things to think about, followed by energy efficiency and customization possibilities. However, the refrigerator’s design or freezer placement is an even more important consideration.

In this article, we are presenting you with the prices of tabletop fridges in Ghana and how to make the right choice.

About Midea

Midea recognizes that the home is a particular place, and that the time spent there is priceless. Midea’s aim to all of its clients is to offer surprisingly affordable solutions for preserving those fleeting moments at home. As a result, the company develops home appliance innovations that not only serve a purpose but also have a positive impact on individuals who use them.
Midea’s brand promise is to “offer surprisingly-friendly solutions for individuals who appreciate those tiny moments at home,” and the company recently introduced a new slogan: “Midea – make yourself at home.”
Midea is implementing its strategy to remain a highly dynamic company with the goal of constant growth that distinguishes a world-class company.

 Key Facts About Table Top Fridges

A tabletop fridge is a compact refrigerator having two compartments, a small deep freezer, and a room temperature compartment for keeping water, vegetables, and other perishables pleasant and crisp.

Tabletop refrigerators have been assessed in Ghana based on their energy efficiency If you don’t require much freezer capacity or many high-end features, a tabletop freezer fridge is a sought-after appliance for anyone looking for an affordable product to handle their refrigeration needs.

Advantages Of Table Top Fridges

  • A more energy-efficient option (cheaper to operate)
  • Affordable price point
  • Plenty of usable refrigerator storage
  • The freezer compartment is easy to access
  • Good for small spaces

Midea TableTop Fridges

Midea 121L Table Top Double Door Refrigerator

Price: GH₵ 1,150

  • features
  • capacity: 121litres
  • type: table top fridge
  • recessive handle
  • wire shelf
  • door balcony
  • lock and key
  • internal lighting: led
  • energy saving

Midea Table Top Fridge With Freezer

  • Price: GH₵ 850
  • Features
  • capacity: 82 litres
  • type: table top fridge
  • recessive handle
  • wire shelf
  • door balcony
  • lock and key
  • internal lighting: led
  • energy saving

Midea Double Door Table Top Fridge With Freezer

Price: GH₵ 1,099


  • a double door fridge
  • a built?-in stabilizer which offers adequate protection against fluctuating current and low voltage?.?
  • cool pack technology
  • energy saving
  • silver color
  • key lock
  • in-built power stabilizer
  • tempered glass fridge shelves
  • bottom mount freezer refrigerator
  • recessed easy handle
  • demountable door sealing
  • led illuminates refrigerator’s interior
  • no noise operation

Midea 100 Litre Single Door Table Top Fridge

Price: GH₵ 850


  • Capacity (Ltr): 100 LTR
  • Energy Efficiency Class: 1 star
  • Child Lock: Yes
  • Door Locks and Alarms: Yes
  • Door Style: Single door
  • Interior Light: No
  • LED Displays: No
  • Operating Mode
  • Quiet: Yes
  • Temperature Controls: Yes

Where To Buy Midea TableTop Fridges

You can decide to buy your Midea tabletop fridge via the following online stores.




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