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By | March 30, 2023

Medicinal Garden Kit Review (2023 Update): Is It Worth Buying? Read This Review Before You Buy Medicinal Garden Kit.

A great place to start growing your medicinal plants is with the Medicinal Garden Kit. It comes with different kinds of seeds and containers, along with guidelines on how to take care of them and apply them to your treatments.

One of the earliest types of human interaction with nature is often thought to be gardening. According to some, gardening gives people a sense of control and connection to their surroundings, which is good for their mental health.

Is that it, though? Are you not missing the most crucial thing in your backyard? They are medicinal plants!

Without a doubt, medicinal plants are significant and have the potential to significantly improve the health of people all over the world. They not only alleviate symptoms of illness, but they also function as natural remedies that can treat illnesses of the body and mind. They can also help us reduce stress, encourage relaxation, and elevate our moods by supplying our diets with essential nutrients and antioxidants.

Finding the right collection of medicinal plants, though, can be difficult, particularly if you are new to gardening. Your confusion can be resolved with the Medicinal Garden Kit!

Ten potent medicinal plants that have had their health benefits scientifically proven are included in the Medicinal Garden Kit. Reviews for the Medicinal Garden Kit are overwhelmingly positive, and many customers are very happy with the seeds’ caliber. But is the Medicinal Garden Kit actually a wise financial decision? What is it made of? In this in-depth review of the Medicinal Garden Kit, we’ll find out.

Medicinal Garden Kit: What Is It?
How would you feel if you woke up each morning to a wonderful scent and crisp air filling your lungs? The Medicinal Garden Kit is exactly that!

A great place to start growing your medicinal plants is with the Medicinal Garden Kit. It comes with different kinds of seeds and containers, along with guidelines on how to take care of them and apply them to your treatments.

Both novice gardeners and those with intermediate or advanced gardening skills can use the kit. It provides a hassle-free method for getting started growing your own medicine at home. Additionally, the plants you harvest will be abundant in nutrients and antioxidants that are good for your general health.

The Medicinal Garden Kit’s creator is Nicole Apelian.

Dr. Nicole Apelian, a mother, naturalist, survival skills instructor, and Ph.D. holder, developed the Medicinal Garden Kit. She pursued her studies in herbal medicine while completing her undergraduate degree in biology at McGill University. Her entire life was spent with the San Bushmen, one of the oldest cultures on earth.

As a result of her Multiple Sclerosis, Dr. Nicole developed an interest in medicinal plants. The central nervous system disorder known as multiple sclerosis (MS), which impairs movement and communication, is incurable. Her condition did not improve after trying a variety of medications from western hospitals and doctors.

Dr. Nicole has been managing her Multiple Sclerosis for the past 20 years with herbal treatments and plants she cultivates in her backyard. She has also endured 57 days in the wild by herself, an experience that was later documented on a history TV channel. Her transition from a wheelchair to living life to the fullest. She heads to her tiny backyard pharmacy whenever she has a medical problem, such as a headache, body pain, fever, or infection.

The Medicinal Garden Kit contains

Ten different traditional plant seed varieties, each with a reputation for having medicinal and health benefits, are included in the Medicinal Garden Kit. The seeds included in the medicinal garden kit are listed below:

#1 California Poppy

A flowering plant known as the California poppy is widespread across the country. It’s known that California poppy promotes sleep. You may have an easier time falling asleep and staying asleep all night thanks to its calming effects. Additionally, it has reportedly been shown to lower anxiety and stress levels, elevate moods, encourage relaxation by boosting blood flow to the brain, and bring on a restorative deep sleep for the body.

In the additional free book, Dr. Nicole also explains how you can use this plant to make your own sleep tea and how to turn it into a sleep tincture to support healthy sleep cycles.

#2 Yarrow

Yarrow is a helpful plant for treating a variety of conditions, such as cuts and bruises. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can help to lessen inflammation and pain, and it also has antiseptic properties that can help to prevent infection. Yarrow is also known to calm the skin and lessen eczema symptoms (a type of allergy). Yarrow contains compounds that are advantageous for cognitive function in addition to these advantages.

#3 Chicory

Since ancient times, chicory, a type of root vegetable, has been used as a substitute for coffee. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, and vitamin C. Additionally, antioxidants found in chicory can fight cancer cells and hasten the healing process.

Chicory is a fantastic choice if you suffer from arthritis or chronic pain because it also has anti-inflammatory properties. You can add chicory coffee to specialty drinks or smoothies in addition to drinking it on its own.

#4 Chamomile

It is possible to use the chamomile plant, Matricaria chamomilla, in a variety of ways. It has historically been used as a sedative, relaxant, and mild anticonvulsant. Some people experience calmness, relaxation, and even euphoria after drinking chamomile tea. It is also known to reduce anxiety symptoms and encourage sound sleep.

Minor inflammatory conditions like sinus congestion or allergic skin rashes can be effectively treated with chamomile. Last but not least, it has anti-inflammatory properties that aid in lowering inflammation brought on by conditions like arthritis or other joint problems.

#5 Evening Primrose

The daisy family includes the flowering plant known as evening primrose. Enhancing cognitive function, promoting positive emotional states, and reducing inflammation are some advantages of evening primrose oil. It has anti-inflammatory qualities that can aid in reducing joint pain and swelling and enhancing general joint health. It has also been demonstrated to support a healthy lipid profile, which is crucial for lowering the risk of developing heart disease.

#6 Marshmallow

The succulent marshmallow plant has some incredible health advantages. One example is the ability of the Marshmallow Plant’s root extract to reduce inflammation.

Antibacterial properties are present in marshmallow plants. Researchers discovered that this plant’s extract can stop the growth of bacteria and fungi. It has also been demonstrated to work well against bacteria that cause acne.

#7 Lavender

In order to unwind and reduce stress, many people turn to lavender. Due in part to its high concentration of linalool, lavender oil has been shown to have these effects. An aromatic compound called linalool has sedative and calming properties, making it a good choice for those seeking relief from stress or anxiety. Additionally, lavender’s release of nitric oxide can aid in promoting improved blood circulation and lowering blood pressure.

#8 Calendula

The flower called calendula grows in most regions of the world. It has long been used as a treatment for a variety of skin and hair issues, including blemishes, itching, dryness, and eczema. Terpenes, which are the active ingredients in calendula, are antimicrobial. Because of this, calendula makes a fantastic addition to home remedies for wounds or skin care.

#9 Echinacea

Powerful herb echinacea has been used for centuries to treat a wide range of medical conditions. Colds, the flu, and other respiratory infections are frequently treated with it. Echinacea is known as an immune stimulant and aids in boosting the body’s resistance to disease in addition to its traditional uses.

#10 Feverfew

The perennial flower known as feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) has long been used as a folk remedy to treat a variety of illnesses. It has been shown to lower fever and inflammation, ease headaches and muscle pain, enhance digestion, safeguard the kidneys, and improve the quality of sleep.

Feverfew has a long history of use as a herbal remedy, but it can also be taken as a tea or as a food supplement.

Price and Availability of the Medicinal Garden Kit
Only its official website offers the Medicinal Garden Kit. Each Medicinal Garden Kit took a long time and a lot of powerful resources to extract and package. Each and every seed is hand-selected from the best plants.

One Medicinal Garden Kit costs $59 plus $4.99 for shipping and handling.

There are ten packages of each kind of seed included in each Medicinal Garden Kit package. Along with the best seeds, you also receive a comprehensive guide that explains how to grow these plants and how to benefit from each one’s health benefits.

Dr. Nicole claims she doesn’t have enough seeds to distribute to everyone, though. The next batch will take some time to produce because she was only able to make 300 packets. So be sure to act right away!

The Money Back Guarantee

A 365-day money-back guarantee is offered on the Medicinal Garden Kit. We don’t believe you will need to send this kit back. But if you’re not satisfied with it, you can ask for a refund and get your money back.

Medicinal Garden Kits Review: Concluding Statements

When you become aware of the healing powers of medicinal herbs, cultivating them can open your eyes to a whole new way of living. With the Medicinal Garden Kit, you get not only high-quality seeds but also years of experience gleaned by Dr. Nicole through her free detailed guide. Gardening is very popular these days.


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