List of Top Car Tracking Device Companies in Ghana

By | November 30, 2022

List of Top Car Tracking Device Companies in Ghana – Car tracking has become one of the necessary things car owners have to incorporate in their vehicles.

Having a tracking device in your vehicle adds an extra layer of security to your vehicle and in this article, we will be taking a look at some of the car tracking device companies in Ghana.

List of Top Car Tracking Device Companies in Ghana

Below is the list of some of the top car tracking device companies in Ghana;

Trackhab Limited | Ghana’s First Cloud GPS Vehicle & Asset Tracking Company – Installing the Trackhab systems is simple. Depending on the gadget you selected to buy, you just plug it into the OBD2 socket outlet on your car’s dashboard, which is located in the lower left corner. Once it is firmly in place, you will notice an LED light blinking. Soon, the LED light will change color or flicker more quickly, signaling that the device has successfully interacted with our servers and is online.

On the other hand, the personal trackers are Thab100 or Thab704. Charge the device for no more than six hours. When the battery is fully charged, an LED light should turn on; push the switch to turn the device on; and in a minute or two, you should be ready to go. Below is the location of Trackhab;
Physical location: Ako Adjei Park, F 393 Fourth Otswe St, Accra
Contact number: 024 101 2207

MANIT Solutions – Ghana – If you want to locate MANIT, kindly use the details below;
Physical location: 21 CASHEW STEET, GC-072-4425, ANYAA AWOSHIE ROAD Anyaa, Awoshie
Contact Number: 055 099 2006

Global HDS Tracking And IT Solutions – Powered by Track Ezi: The company offers reliable, high-performance fleet management platforms together with GPS-based vehicle tracking solutions.

Regardless of where you are in the world, our reliable platform enables you to track every activity of your fleet on your phone or laptop.

On the app and web interface, detailed reports of vehicle usage, including speed, parking, time spent on the road, distance traveled, etc., are made available. Use the details below to contact the company;
Physical location: 6 Church Street, Spintex Rd, Accra
Contact number: 024 666 6333

Tracksolid GPS Tracker Ghana: This is also one of the top car tracking device companies in Ghana. Below is their contact;
Physical location: 201 Gbawe Rd, Accra

Protrack GPS Ghana
Physical location: Born Again, Dome St. John’s Road, Accra
Contact number: 026 999 3452

SupraTrack – SupraTrack specializes in offering Remote Engine Management Services to Ghanaian Fleet Operations at the mid to enterprise level.

The company’s founder has extensive experience in not only running passenger service but also how to manage it efficiently & on time. 

He is also an expert in Distributed Computing Systems with deep understanding of various computer languages & Data Mining, and he has worked for more than 20 years with the oldest yet most modern & efficient Underground travel system in the world, carrying over 1.1 billion passengers P/A in the financial capital of the world. Below are the contact details of the company:
Physical location: Haatso-Atomic Rd, Accra
Contact number: 020 106 6333

TREMIS COMPANY LIMITED – The business tracks your car or fleet of cars using the greatest technologies available. Since this clever GPS Tracker makes it difficult for any unauthorized individual to gain access to or steal your automobile, you no longer need to be concerned about thieves. Based on the criteria you choose, the device sends you real-time speed and location updates, as well as text and email notifications.

Fleet operators have a great tool to enhance revenue and cut costs with the TREMIS GPS Tracking system. Below are the contact details of the company;
Physical location: Kwashieman traffic lights opp. Abrewanana fashion mall
Contact number: 050 952 0932

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