List of Tech Bloggers in Nigeria

By | July 11, 2023

Nigeria has experienced a rise in the number of tech bloggers who are crucial in disseminating insightful information, business news, and reviews to a broad audience thanks to the country’s thriving tech economy and quickly expanding digital landscape. These tech bloggers have a significant impact on how Nigerians talk about innovation and technology. In this post, we’ll look at a list of noteworthy Nigerian tech bloggers who have made a big impact on the tech scene there.

Just like the list of all top Tech Bloggers in Ghana, this is one of our comprehensive articles about the list of Tech Bloggers in Nigeria in 2023.

List of Tech Bloggers in Nigeria

Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jr. – Tech Trends

Tech Trends, a tech blog and TV show that showcases the most recent technological advancements, startups, and digital change in Nigeria, was founded by Chukwuemeka Fred  Agbata Jr., better known by his stage name CFA. Tech Trends is a dependable source for tech news and insights in Nigeria and all of Africa thanks to CFA’s experience and captivating presenting style.

Jide Ogunsanya

Ogunsanya is the founder and proprietor of Ogbonge blog, which is the space through which I share tutorials and tips related to blogging, social media, digital and more. is a top Nigerian Blog created in 2008 on Blogger platform as but moved to WordPress in October 2017.

OgbongeBlog is a Nigerian blog that covers topics on tech, blogging, digital marketing and online money making ideas.

It is a blog where you can get tutorials and tips related to blogging, digital marketing, mobile tech and money-making ideas. Hence, bloggers, web designers, Internet entrepreneurs, digital marketers and people with general interests in social media will find the blog posts relevant and interesting.

Bankole Oluwafemi – TechCabal

TechCabal, a well-known tech blog in Nigeria, was founded and edited in chief by Bankole Oluwafemi. The primary focus of TechCabal is news, analysis, and insights into the African and Nigerian IT landscape. With a staff of knowledgeable writers and contributors, TechCabal provides in-depth coverage of startups, investments, developing technologies, and digital trends, making it a go-to source for tech enthusiasts and business experts.

Loy Okezie – Techloy

Techloy is a tech blog that specializes in reporting on tech startups, investments, and digital entrepreneurship in Nigeria. Its creator and editor-in-chief is Loy Okezie. Readers may get insightful knowledge about the Nigerian tech ecosystem via Techloy’s news, analysis, and interviews with important industry figures.

Editi Effiong – Techpoint Africa

Nigeria’s top technology blog and media platform, Techpoint Africa, is run by Editi Effiong, who also serves as CEO and editor-in-chief. A wide range of tech-related subjects is covered by Techpoint Africa, including startups, innovations, gadgets, and digital trends. Techpoint Africa offers in-depth analysis, interviews, and stories on the Nigerian and African IT industries through a team of journalists and correspondents.

Jesse Oguntimehin – TechEconomy

TechEconomy, a tech blog that focuses on the nexus of business, technology, and the economy in Nigeria, was founded and edited by Jesse Oguntimehin. TechEconomy provides information on the most recent technological advancements, digital legislation, investments, and how technology is affecting different businesses in Nigeria.

Adewale Yusuf –, a well-known tech blog and media outlet that covers the Nigerian IT sector, was founded and is run by Adewale Yusuf. offers news, commentary, and features on start-ups, technology, investments, and gadgets. To promote creativity and cooperation, the blog also conducts conferences and events that bring together investors, entrepreneurs, and tech aficionados.

Vincent Okonkwo – TechCity

Nigerian tech writer Vincent Okonkwo is the creator of TechCity ( A well-known tech site called TechCity focuses on giving readers the most recent information about gadgets, companies, technology trends, and events in Nigeria and elsewhere. To keep its readers up to date on the most recent advancements in the tech sector, Vincent Okonkwo and his team at TechCity work hard to provide informative reviews, interviews, and news stories.

Franklin Ozekhome – TechSuplex

Nigerian tech blogger Franklin Ozekhome is the creator of TechSuplex ( A reputable technology blog called TechSuplex covers a wide range of subjects on technology, gadgets, mobile phones, and the Nigerian tech scene. The site offers readers in-depth analyses, news updates, and thought-provoking posts on a variety of tech-related topics.

Ifeanyi Abraham – Techlector

Nigerian tech blogger Ifeanyi Abraham is the creator of Techlector ( A well-known technology blog called Techlector focuses on giving readers the most recent details, news, and reviews on gadgets, smartphones, apps, and technological trends.

A wide range of tech-related subjects is covered by Techlector, including product reviews, comparisons, how-to manuals, and industry news. Ifeanyi Abraham and his team at Techlector work hard to provide readers with educational and interesting information that enables them to keep informed about the newest technological breakthroughs and make wise purchase decisions.

This is how we go about the List of Tech Bloggers in Nigeria in 2023.


With writers like Bankole Oluwafemi and Chukwuemeka, Nigeria’s tech blogging scene is flourishing. The narrative around technology and innovation in the nation has been significantly shaped by Fred Agbata Jr., Loy Okezie, Editi Effiong, Jesse Oguntimehin, and Adewale Yusuf. These tech bloggers share insightful information and promote debates that help the development and progress of Nigeria’s IT industry through their knowledge, analysis, and insights.

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