List Of Samsung Offices In Greater Accra

By | May 31, 2023

Samsung, a global technology leader, provides customers with a wide range of services and benefits through their offices worldwide. These offerings are designed to enhance customer experiences, provide support, and offer additional value. You may have faced a setback in the use of your Samsung product if you were promised a warranty and asked to bring the gadget to the office for professional assistance when you notice any malfunctioning or fault.

One of the perk about visiting the official Samsung offices is that you get to enjoy the best deals when you want to purchase any device. Samsung Ghana exists for its customers and they have opened their doors to solve all your technical and hardware needs concerning your gadget. Their customer service is unbeatable.

Let’s explore some of the key services and benefits that Samsung offices offer to customers.

  1. Product Demonstrations: Samsung offices often have dedicated spaces where customers can experience and interact with the latest Samsung products. These product demonstration areas allow customers to test devices, explore features, and gain hands-on experience before making a purchase. It helps customers make informed decisions by providing them with a firsthand understanding of Samsung’s innovative technologies.
  2. Customer Support: Samsung offices provide customer support services to assist with any inquiries, technical issues, or product-related questions. Trained staff members are available to offer guidance, troubleshooting, and solutions. Whether it’s a problem with a smartphone, a TV, or any other Samsung product, customers can rely on Samsung offices to provide timely and efficient support.
  3. Repair and Service Centers: Samsung offices often house repair and service centers where customers can get their Samsung devices repaired or serviced. These centers are staffed with trained technicians who can diagnose and fix various issues, ensuring that customers’ devices are restored to optimal functionality. This service saves customers the hassle of seeking third-party repair services and provides the assurance of authentic Samsung support.
  4. Product Purchases: Samsung offices serve as authorized retailers where customers can purchase genuine Samsung products. From smartphones and tablets to home appliances and accessories, customers can find a wide range of Samsung offerings in these offices. Purchasing directly from Samsung offices ensures authenticity, warranty coverage, and access to the latest products and promotions.
  5. Software and Firmware Updates: Samsung offices provide software and firmware updates for Samsung devices. These updates often include performance enhancements, bug fixes, and new features, ensuring that customers’ devices stay up to date and continue to deliver an optimal user experience. By visiting a Samsung office, customers can ensure that their devices are running the latest software versions.
  6. Training and Workshops: Samsung offices occasionally host training sessions and workshops to educate customers on the features and capabilities of their products. These sessions help customers maximize the potential of their Samsung devices, providing tips, tricks, and insights on how to get the most out of their technology investments. From photography workshops for smartphone users to interactive sessions on using smart TVs, these offerings enhance customers’ knowledge and enjoyment of Samsung products.
  7. Trade-In and Recycling Programs: Some Samsung offices offer trade-in and recycling programs that allow customers to exchange their old Samsung devices for new ones or receive incentives for recycling their devices responsibly. These programs encourage sustainability and responsible disposal of electronic waste while providing customers with the opportunity to upgrade to the latest Samsung offerings at reduced costs.

These offerings aim to enhance customer experiences, provide comprehensive support, and ensure that customers can fully enjoy their Samsung devices. By utilizing the services available at Samsung offices, customers can leverage the expertise and resources of the company to make the most of their Samsung products.

Samsung Offices In Greater Accra Region

Samsung Ghana has several offices across the Greater Accra Region, and you can find the offices that are closer to you to suit your convenience.

Electroland Ghana Limited

  • Spintex, Accra
  • Phone Number: 0303817555 / 0263687811


  • Address: E&J Plaza, Circle Phone Market, Heart Lane, Near Odo Rice, Circle – Accra – Ghana.
  • Phone Number: 0800-100077

Proxynet Ghana

  • Address: House 1 Lucky Estates, Mile 7, Achimota, Accra.
  • Phone Number: 0800-100077

Double Gamma

  • Address: Aflao Road, Opp. TT Brothers Traffic Light, Near Free Zone, Tema
  • Phone Number: 0800-100077

Itsalat International Ghana Limited

  • Address: Opp. Former Dan’s Bar, Kwame Nkrumah Av, Adabraka, Accra
  • Phone Number: 024 433 8551
  • Contact Number: 0800-100077

Sparrow Technologies

  • Address: 34 Spintex Road, Opp. Energy Commission, Accra, Ghana.
  • Phone Number: 0800-100077

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