Kabfam Infinix Phone Prices In Ghana

By | June 17, 2023

Infinix is a smartphone brand known for offering affordable devices with impressive features and specifications and at Kabfam, you can find your own spec for the exact Infinix phone you desire.

A retailer of electrical goods, Kabfam Ghana distributes products from renowned manufacturers like Samsung, Midea, TCL, and many others. These products include televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, microwave ovens, washing machines, and cellphones.

Their promos and product discounts are one element that sets them apart. Kabfam is renowned for occasionally offering deals and lowering the pricing of its goods.

Kabfam Ghana ensures they give you value for money with every product you buy from them so be rest assured that Kabfam has your back when it comes to phones and accessories.

In this article, we will be looking at the various Infinix phones you can find at Kabfam and the ones your budget can suffice for you.

About Infinix Phones

Infinix phones are renowned for providing value for money. They are priced competitively, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers, including those on a budget. Infinix focuses on delivering affordable smartphones without compromising on performance and features.

Some of the popular Infinix phone models include:

  1. Infinix Note series – This series includes the Infinix Note 10 Pro, Infinix Note 8, and Infinix Note 7. These phones are known for their big screens, big batteries, and high-performance processors.
  2. Infinix Hot series – The Infinix Hot series includes the Infinix Hot 10, Infinix Hot 9, and Infinix Hot 8. These phones are known for their stylish designs, powerful processors, and affordable prices.
  3. Infinix Zero series – The Infinix Zero series includes the Infinix Zero 8, Infinix Zero 6, and Infinix Zero 5. These phones are known for their premium design, high-quality cameras, and fast charging.

Infinix phones boast attractive designs that are sleek, modern, and stylish. They often feature slim profiles, ergonomic curves, and premium finishes, giving them a premium look and feel. Infinix devices also come with vibrant displays, offering immersive viewing experiences with rich colors, sharp details, and ample screen real estate.

Overall, Infinix phones provide a combination of affordability, attractive design, feature-rich experiences, and reliable performance, catering to the needs and preferences of diverse smartphone users.

Kabfam Infinix Phone Prices In Ghana

Phone NamePrice GHC
INFINIX NOTE 7 LITE (X656) 64+4GH¢ 899.00
Infinix Hot 8 Lite X650GHS 570
INFINIX S5 PRO (X660C) 128+6GH¢ 1,249.00
INFINIX S5 PRO (X660B) 64+4GH¢ 1,049.00

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