Kabfam Chest Freezer Prices 2023

By | June 18, 2023

In todays Ghana, there are lots of businesses that are in high demand of chest freezers to facilitate the smooth running. It is in this kind of situation that Kabfam has a wide range of stocks in refrigerators.

We are learning about the kinds of chest freezers you can purchase at Kabfam so it solves the question of your curiousity about how chest freezers will cost at Kabfam.

About Chest Freezers

A chest freezer is a type of freezer that is designed with a horizontal orientation and a hinged lid on top. It is called a “chest” freezer because its shape resembles that of a large storage chest or trunk. Chest freezers are commonly used for long-term storage of frozen food items, bulk purchases, or for households that require extra freezer space.

Here are some key features and characteristics of chest freezers:

  1. Capacity: Chest freezers typically offer larger storage capacities compared to upright freezers. They are available in various sizes, ranging from small models with around 5 cubic feet of capacity to larger models with capacities exceeding 20 cubic feet.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Chest freezers are generally more energy-efficient than upright freezers. The design of the chest freezer, with its top-opening lid, helps to minimize the escape of cold air when the freezer is opened, thereby reducing energy consumption.
  3. Deep Storage: The horizontal layout of a chest freezer allows for deep storage, enabling you to stack and organize items in layers. This design makes it easier to store and access a large quantity of frozen food, including bulky items or irregularly shaped packages.
  4. Temperature Stability: Chest freezers tend to have better temperature stability compared to upright freezers. The cold air in a chest freezer remains at the bottom even when the lid is opened, reducing the risk of temperature fluctuations and ensuring consistent freezing.
  5. Manual Defrost: Most chest freezers require manual defrosting. Ice and frost can accumulate over time, and periodic defrosting is necessary to maintain optimal performance. Some models come with a drain or defrosting feature to make this process more convenient.
  6. Space Considerations: Chest freezers require floor space and are typically placed in basements, garages, or dedicated storage areas. Due to their horizontal design, they may not be as suitable for small kitchens or areas with limited space.

When choosing a chest freezer, consider the capacity needed, available space, energy efficiency ratings, and any additional features such as adjustable temperature controls or storage baskets and thanks to KABFAM, they have you secured. It’s also important to consider the noise level, warranty, and reviews of different models to ensure you select a reliable and suitable chest freezer for your needs.

Kabfam Chest Freezer Prices 2023

Fridge NamePrice (GHC)
Nasco 110 Ltr Chest FreezerGH¢ 1,999.00
Nasco 200Ltr Chest FreezerGH¢ 3,299.00
Nasco 370 Ltr Chest FreezerGH¢ 4,999.00
Nasco 1100L Chest FreezerGH¢ 15,799.00
Nasco 210 Ltr Chest FreezerGH¢ 4,299.00
Nasco 470L Chest FreezerGH¢ 6,599.00
Nasco 500 Ltr Display FreezerGH¢ 9,599.00
Nasco 400 Ltr Display FreezerGH¢ 8,399.00
Nasco 600L Chest FreezerGH¢ 7,999.00
NASCO 300 Ltr Chest FreezerGH¢ 4,799.00
NASCO 420 Ltr Chest Freezer NAS-420S-SKGH¢ 5,999.00

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