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By | August 13, 2022

Enrolling in an Information Technology school is one of the best career steps you can take in getting closer to your dreams and aspirations.

Over the next 15 years, information technology is predicted to grow significantly on that continent.
Ghanaian students have the option to complete their information technology degree in their own nation.

The competition among the schools has become keener over the years with the innovation and teaching practices they adopt for utmost performance.

The schools have adopted International best practices to help them stay afloat in a world where you will perish if you do not advance.

In this guide, the IT schools you can find in Accra is taking the focal point.

Top 10 I.T Schools In Ghana, Accra

The following are the accredited top IT schools you can find in Accra and what they have to offer to students.

Accra Institute of Technology: They provide a variety of IT-related academic options. This school has both a highly qualified instructor and state-of-the-art training facilities. Students receive an official certification at the end of the programme that is accepted by all businesses in the Ghanaian labour market. Science and Technology College at Regent University: The school provides a range of degree programmes, including ones in instructional technology, information systems, and computer science. Students are instructed to apply their creativity and the knowledge they have gained in class to find answers to some of the issues the Ghanaian IT sector

Ghana Technology University College: There are various branches of this institution spread over Ghana. Additionally, it has ties to a number of other European information technology universities. The institute has all the contemporary tools required for teaching IT students. Students receive internationally recognised certifications following training, making them highly sought after in the nation.

Aptech Computer Education:  The school emphasises in providing all pupils with technology solutions. University of Technology in Ghana College: This institution has a number of affiliates all around Ghana and is well-established. The University offers degree programmes in information technology through affiliations with other European academic institutions. For novices, they offer certificate and diploma programmes. They provide a broad range of technology-related study programmes, including computer engineering, network security, and software engineering.

AITI-KACE (Advance Information Technology Institute- Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence): The Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT is Ghana’s first Advanced Information Technology Institute l. It was established in 2003, through a partnership between the Government of Ghana and the Government of India. The emphasis of the institute is very much on technology.

NIIT Ghana: This institution is regarded as one of the best IT colleges in Ghana. With cutting-edge technology teaching tools, the school is properly equipped. They have a highly qualified staff that is eager to assist the students in becoming leaders in the information technology industry. Numerous outstanding and prosperous former students credit their successes to the education they received at this illustrious university. They provide a wide variety of professional courses, many of which are particularly essential in the technology sector. Additionally, they provide IT degree programmes to all successful course grads.

Regent University College of Science and Technology: This college has a reputation for producing graduates with advanced degrees in computer technology, hardware, and software engineering, among other ICT-related fields. The students receive instruction on how to apply their knowledge of how to offer answers in the most creative way in the actual world.

IPMC College of Technology: They are a full-fledged college that provides students with the information and skills related to the IT industry. The institution offers online courses to students who need to study for a while or are a bit far from the school for other reasons. This online course is jam-packed with hands-on activities so that students may experience what it’s like to work in IT. They provide highly regarded affiliate courses, which are offered. After graduating, students receive an international certification

Beacon Training: Since their founding a number of years ago, they have developed knowledgeable experts and have extensive experience teaching students. This school takes great satisfaction in offering additional information technology solutions in addition to imparting knowledge. Their clientele includes a wide spectrum of corporate organisations and students looking to improve their situation in the ICT industry. They provide instruction for all skill levels.

DevWorld Tech Academy (DWTA): DWTA’s graduates are top-notch IT or Tech experts who enjoy successful tech careers and are among the top earners in their various communities around the world. Over 95% of all graduates from DevWorld Tech Academy got employed, started mainstream freelancing, and establish their own startups within 3 months after graduating from DWTA.

At DWTA, they deploy our revolutionary Apprentice Study Model, Concept Student Model, and Launch Study Model to refine our students making them the best tech talents in their various communities.

Ghana Communication Technology University (GCTU): The institute has all the contemporary tools required for teaching IT students. Students receive internationally recognised certifications following training, making them highly sought after in the nation.

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