Introduction To Database Administration

By | July 20, 2021

Database administration is one of the commonest job positions available to computer science graduates throughout the world presently.

In choosing a career in the world of Information Technology, Database administration is one of the popular and highly demand skill you cannot do away with.

As simple as the name sounds, Database administration has various angles to it. So, to someone who may be looking to venture into this field In future, there may be several questions going through your mind.

One of those numerous questions is: What is Database Administration about basically?

In this article, we shall lead you through a comprehensive introduction to database administration, database career opportunities hoping that you gain all the information you need to gain in learning about the basics of Database Administration.

What Does Database Administration Mean?

Database administration is the day-to-day monitoring, updating and troubleshooting of a company’s database in order to keep it functioning and available for easy access. Database administrators are responsible for maintaining or administering the database.

What is a Database And How Does It Work?

Database is primarily a replacement for long ledgers and big record books that were used in previous centuries. In the past decades and centuries that preceded the birth of computers and the internet, various institutions have had to keep a record of their customers, stock records and inventories in big books and ledgers.

When trying to retrieve information from such sources, it usually takes forever and sometimes, such sources may not be reliable as they can be destroyed by rain or pests.

Due to the advancement of computer technology, some specialized systems and software have been designed to store data about customers, sales records and inventories for easy access and reliability. These systems and software are referred to as Databases.

So, databases go through the usual information processing cycle which goes with, input, processing, output and storage.

Data from the company or client is input into the database by the administrator. Then the data is processed into the system and then an output is served to the administrator who then stores such information for easy retrieval in the near future.

Databases are updated on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis, depending on the company involved and the type of data.


Database administration is necessary for either small-scale companies or large-scale companies seeking to keep data safe and reliable for future access. Database administrators are usually very skilled people who are well vested in security, data manipulation and system management. If you are someone who has these skills described above, you may as well start thinking of earning a qualification that can make you work in this position.

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