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By | March 21, 2023

Hyperbolic Stretching Review (2023 Update): Is It Worth Buying? Read This Review Before You Buy Hyperbolic Stretching.

Hyperbolic Stretching is a 4-week training program that is meant to make muscles stronger and more flexible. It teaches a 3-step training plan to improve range of motion in a way that static and dynamic stretching can’t.

I have tried out and written about a lot of online programs that claim to make you more flexible and mobile. Alex Larsson’s Hyperbolic Stretching, which goes by the name HypStretch, is the most unique program I’ve ever seen.

Other programs and apps focus on static stretches, but Hyperbolic Stretching uses a strategic training protocol and a specific rep/set combination to target the muscle survival reflex for a huge increase in flexibility, strength, body posture, and relief.

I had some doubts about this Hyperbolic Stretching program before I joined it.

But I was impressed by how many positive comments people were posting on various social media sites. Many fitness groups and forums, as well as the official website, have amazing “before and after” photos. A lot of people have also used this program to get a full split.

Alex Larsson, who made this program, has helped thousands of athletes improve their flexibility and range of motion by following the 3-step training plan he laid out in the Hyperbolic Stretching program.

Let’s take a deep look at it.

Why did I choose to join Hyperbolic Stretching?

I was a software engineer at a well-known software company and made a good amount of money each month.

I used to put in long hours because I liked making, maintaining, and testing software. But by the time I’m in my late 20s, I’m having problems with tight muscles, especially in my neck, back, and shoulders.

One day, when I woke up, my back and hips hurt very badly.
I went to the gym, did some rolling exercises, and hung out in the sauna for a while. The pain goes away after two days.

But after a few days, the pain starts to hurt again. I did the same thing over and over to stop the pain, but it kept coming back.

In the last two months, I’ve tried a lot of non-drug ways to loosen up my tight muscles and become more flexible. I tried massage, stretching, hot showers, supplements, and rollers, but none of them helped in the long run.

I started looking for a solution and found a success story from an online friend whose back and knee pain went away for good after he used Hyperbolic Stretching to get more flexible.

I decided to sign up for this program because I had both tight muscles and back pain. I know that you have some worries about this program, too, but I hope that this Hyperbolic Stretching review will put your mind at ease.

About Alex Larsson (Creator of Hyperbolic Stretching)

Alex Larsson is an expert on flexibility. He has helped thousands of people, including athletes, improve their range of motion and flexibility. Alex used to spend more than 10 hours a day in front of a computer screen when he was a computer programmer before he became an expert on flexibility.

One day, he gets into a situation that causes all of the nerves and muscles in his lower back, thighs, and hips to shut down. This puts him on the path to getting fit, stretching, and working out.

After he got better from the neuromuscular shutdown, he quit his well-paying job as a computer programmer to become a full-time expert on flexibility and recovery.

Now, Alex works with athletes and other people to help them become more flexible with his effective 3-step training protocol. Alex says that he has helped more than 16,000 men and women improve their flexibility in a big way.

Alex has also worked with yoga experts and MMA fighters, and he shares what he has learned from them in this program.

About Hyperbolic Stretching

Hyperbolic Stretching is a 4-week training program that is meant to make muscles stronger and more flexible. It teaches a 3-step training plan to improve range of motion in a way that static and dynamic stretching can’t.

No matter if your goal is to do a full split, a high kick, or a complicated yoga pose, Hyperbolic Stretching can help you reach new levels of flexibility after every session by releasing your body’s hidden potential.

The exercises and videos in Hyperbolic Stretching can be done at your own pace, and you have to do them for the next 30 days. You have to do an 8-minute training session every day.

Hyperbolic Stretching is different from other stretching programs because it combines the ways that Japanese sumo wrestlers train with the rules of modern science. This method of training works on the muscle survival reflex to make muscles more flexible, improve body control, and boost athletic performance.

In short, Hyperbolic Stretching can help you kick faster, jump higher, improve your range of motion, and make your muscles stronger.

What happens when you do hyperbolic stretching?

The Hyperbolic Stretching (HypStretch) program is made up of only numbers. As soon as you sign up for this program, you’ll have access to the members’ area, where you can watch or download full instructional videos, such as step-by-step workout routines and videos that explain how to do exercises. You can use any device that can connect to the internet to get to the members’ area.

Hyperbolic Stretching is different from other ways to stretch because it uses a strategic training method and a certain number of reps and sets to target the survival reflexes of the muscles. People can see results from the first training session on with this method. This training method also makes you more flexible, improves your posture, makes your muscles stronger, and helps you feel better.

This smart way to train keeps your legs from getting hurt when your legs and hips are stretched too far. You need to do this type of training three times a week to avoid injury and relax at the same time.

Alex Larsson thinks that this way of training is so good that it can show results in just four weeks. People are seeing results after only their first session, so many of his customers agreed with him.

The best part about Hyperbolic Stretching is that you don’t need any special tools to do it. You don’t have to pay for a gym membership to do these exercises. All you need is a little bit of space and a chair.
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Why hyperbolic stretching is good?

So what can you expect if you train in a way that targets the muscle survival reflex?

Alex Larsson says that you can get many more benefits than just becoming more flexible.
Here are some of the good things about this method of training:

Increases Range of Motions
Range of motion is the number of different ways your joints can move. In an ideal world, you should be able to move your joints in many different directions without pain.
Hyperbolic One of the best ways to improve your range of motion is to stretch. But you don’t have to stretch once and be done for the day. To get results from these stretching exercises, you need to do them often.

helps the blood flow.
Hyperbolic Stretches shows you how to do PNF stretching exercises, which improve blood flow and make the body’s circulation better. In other words, the blood vessels work better and supply the muscles with more oxygen.

In the end, this will make it less likely that your muscles will be sore after the workout, and it will also take you less time to recover.

Stops back pain.
When you sit in an office or computer chair for a long time, your muscles can get tight, which can cause back pain. It also limits how far you can move, and you will probably hurt your back.
When you do Hyperbolic Stretching exercises regularly, your back muscles get stronger. This makes it less likely that your back will strain. Also, these exercises will help heal injuries that you already have.

Relieve Stress
When the body is under stress, the muscles get weak and tight. It can cause headaches, back pain, and other health problems.

The good news is that these stretching exercises can help your body feel less stressed. Some of the exercises in hyperbolic stretching work on the muscles in the neck and shoulders. This is where stress can go.

What Will You Get From Hyperbolic Stretching?
Inside Hyperbolic Stretching, you’ll find six workout plans for every part of your body, plus two splits (front and side). Each of these daily habits only takes 8 minutes. You can do one, two, or all six programs in one day.

Alex has also given weekly workout plans and explained how to break up these plans.

Here are the six program routines you’ll find inside:

The Front Split
Many people don’t realize how important it is to stretch the hamstrings. But hamstring stretches are one of the best ways to keep your back from hurting and to loosen up tight muscles.

This Front Split routine is for you if you want to improve your hamstring flexibility but don’t know where to start.

This 8-minute routine has exercises that stretch muscles and build strength in the lower body at the same time. This 4-week program routine will give you special muscle contractions to fully relax and close the gap so that you can finally drop to the flat front split.

The Side Split
When your hip flexors are tight, they can affect other parts of your body, like your glutes and lower body, making it harder to squat and deadlift.

This Side Split program is for you if you want to stretch out your hip flexors and get stronger.

This program routine is meant to help you get over the fact that the side split only gives you a small range of motion. You will get stronger and more flexible, and your hips will be able to move more freely.

The Front Bend
This stretching routine is for you if you want to be able to bend forward without much trouble.

Most people who join Hyperbolic Stretching don’t want to be able to do a full split. Instead, they just want to be able to tie their shoelaces or pick up heavy things from the ground without pain.

The goal of this 8-minute routine is to help you touch the floor with straight legs. You can also combine this workout with the Front Split workout to see results quickly.

The Upper Body

Having a flexible upper body can make a big difference in your workouts and everyday tasks, especially if your neck, shoulders, and upper back are stiff.

This Upper Body program routine has some light, dynamic stretches that are easy to do before or after a workout.

These exercises are meant to improve blood flow and range of motion in the neck, shoulders, and arms.

The DYNA Stretch:

High kicks are one of the most important moves dancers do. In fact, the high kick is what the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are known for. Even though people on stage make high kicks look easy, it takes a lot of hard work and patience to do them.

If you also want to do high kicks, you need to work on making your hips and glutes stronger and more flexible.

This DYNA Stretch routine has exercises for your lower body that will help you get more flexible and strengthen your glutes and hip flexors. In short, this dance routine can help you improve your dancing skills.

The Back Bend
Backbend is the one exercise that will make your back strong, flexible, and less likely to get hurt (bridges).

Backbends, also called “bridges,” can help you get rid of back pain, protect your spine, strengthen the muscles around your spine, give your front body a great stretch, and boost your endurance in sports. But the best thing about bridges is that they work all the muscles in the back and the rest of the body.

This Back Bend program will help you stand up straighter and strengthen more than 85% of your muscles.

What We Like Suitable For Beginners:

Even though it takes a lot of work and dedication to get a full or side split, this program has many exercises that are good for beginners. Alex won’t want you to do a full split on your first session. Instead, he’ll want your body to get stronger, which will take time.

Recent Hyperbolic Stretching routines are easy for people who are just starting out.

But the meaning of the word “beginner” needs to be made clear. Alex says that a beginner is someone who has never stretched before but is in good shape. If you can’t move as much because of an injury or a long-term condition, it’s best to hire a personal therapist to make a training plan just for you or start a new fitness plan.

Hyperbolic Stretching is easy to do and understand.

When you join the program, you can go to the members’ area where you can watch or download videos.

There are six different program routines for different parts of the body that come with Hyperbolic Stretching.

So, you can choose a program that fits your needs. Each program routine only takes 8 minutes, and you can do more than one routine at once.

Alex has also made a video with instructions on how to use these program routines in your workout and how to split them up to get the most out of them.

Needs Minimal Time
There are six different program routines for each body part in Hyperbolic Stretching, including two for splits. Three times a week, each program has an eight-minute routine. You can do multiple programs at once.

Basically, you only need to spend eight minutes a day on your favorite routine for four weeks to reach your goals. People with busy lives can find eight minutes to do something good for their health and fitness.

Created By Expert
Alex Larson is an expert on injuries and flexibility. He has worked with athletes and people for many years.

Alex’s strategic ways of training have helped more than 16,000 people deal with pain and tight muscles and get rid of them.

Inside the members’ area, there are videos of exercises, and he has also written out step-by-step instructions for each exercise so that you don’t hurt yourself.

Download Videos
One of the best things about our phones is that we can download videos and program routines.

This feature has made it possible for you to do your 8-minute routine anywhere and at any time, even if you don’t have a good internet connection or want to make sure you don’t get interrupted while doing the routine.

You can also download videos of your workouts and do them at the gym to keep yourself going.

Doesn’t Require Much Equipment
Most of the Hyperbolic Stretching exercises can be done without any tools.

If you have a yoga mat, you should be less likely to hurt yourself by falling. Some exercises also need the help of a chair.

Alex will do all of the exercises in the video so you can see if you need any equipment before you try them.

When it comes to home fitness, being able to do an entire workout routine without a fitness trainer is already a big plus.

Important information that can only be found on the web

Well, this might change in the future, but at the time this Hyperbolic Stretching review was written, all of the videos could be downloaded. It means you can’t get these videos on a DVD.

Alex may start selling DVDs in the future, but you can’t order DVDs from the official website and do the exercises by putting the DVD in your DVD player, computer, or laptop.

Doesn’t Track Workout
Alex hasn’t given you a workout chart so you can keep track of your progress. Before you start any routine, you have to write down your measurements and compare them at the end of the fourth week to see how much you’ve improved.

Who can get the most out of hyperbolic stretching?

Hyperbolic stretching is for people who want to get more flexible, build strength in their pelvic floor, and feel better. It’s for people who want to be more flexible but don’t want to spend a lot of time or money on it.

The exercises in Hyperbolic Stretching will make you work hard in a fun and interesting way. So, Hyperbolic Stretching is your best bet if you want to get rid of tight muscles and make your body flexible enough to do a front or side split.

Some stretching programs focus too much on static stretching, but Hyperbolic Stretching uses a strategic training method with a specific rep/set combo to target the muscle survival reflex and produce fast gains in flexibility, muscle strength, body posture, and relief.

It is also best for dancers, yogis, runners, athletes, and weightlifters who want to make their bodies more flexible and improve their skills.

Hyperbolic Stretching Cost

The only place to get Hyperbolic Stretching is on its official website.
On the official website, it says that a one-time payment of $27 will get you into the members’ area. Alex made the price of this program low because he wants everyone to try it.

Alex has also given a 60-day money-back guarantee so that anyone can use this program without worrying about losing money. If you don’t like the results or don’t like it for some other reason, you can ask for a refund. You’ll get your money back in about two to three days.

Conclusion: I like to say at the end of this Hyperbolic Stretching review that I did my best to be as fair as possible.

I take all the information from the program and put it in this review to help you understand it better.

If you asked me for my honest opinion, I’d say that Hyperbolic Stretching is better than all other stretching apps and programs.

Alex Larsson made Hyperbolic Stretching by putting together a Japanese way of training and scientific ideas. It is made to work on the survival reflex of the muscles to improve flexibility, muscle strength, pain relief, and body posture.

After I started using the program, my back pain went away, and I feel like my body is more active and flexible now.

I’ve been using it for a month, and I’m still doing it because I’m trying to get a flat front split. I like making slow progress toward my goal. I don’t like a “magic pill” or a program that says it will work right away.

Hyperbolic Stretching says that you will be more flexible in four weeks, and it backs up this claim with reviews from customers. Also, you have to do these exercises regularly if you want to reach your goal in this time frame.


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