How Wide is 75 Inch TV

By | March 20, 2023

Do you want to know how wide is 75 inch TV? TV sizes do not include the bezel; they measure the diagonal length of the screen. The bezel, which surrounds the TV’s screen, is an important factor to take into account while choosing the top TV available.

Several variables, such as the size of the TV screen, the brand, and the manufacturer, affect the bezel size. There isn’t a set size for bezels.

Continue reading to know much about the size of 75 inch TV.

What are the Dimensions of 75-inch TV?

While determining TV size, you must take into account three factors. These are thickness, height, and breadth.

Large Televisions are frequently put on walls or stand-mounted. You should also think about the size of the TV stand if you want to use one.

On the TV, the width is calculated from side to side. The thickness of the television is determined by measuring it from front to back and from top to bottom.

65 inches broad, 38 inches tall, and 2 inches thick are the typical measurements of a 75-inch television. The dimensions shown here are for the television alone, without a stand, and they are approximate only.

Several 75-inch Televisions will have different-sized frames. The fact that modern TV frames are substantially smaller than older ones is fantastic.

In older-style flat-panel Televisions, a 3–4 inch frame was typical. Modern televisions may only have an extremely thin frame that is under 2 inches in size.

Some of the Most Popular 75 inch TVs and their dimensions

  • LG 6-Series Roku TV: 65.8” X 37.9”
  • Samsung QN90A Neo QLED TV: 65.7” X 37.7”
  • LG CX OLED TV: 67.8 X 39.1
  • Sony Bravia A80J OLED TV: 67.9” x 39.4
  • Hisense U7G Android TV: 66.0” X 38.0
  • TCL 4-Series Roku TV: 66.2 x 38.1
  • Sony Bravia X800H Android TV: 66.4” x 38.0”

How Far Should You Sit from a 75” TV?

It’s crucial to talk about how far you should sit from the Screen now that you are aware of the many aspects of a 75-inch TV and whether or not it will fit in your space.

After all, one of the main reasons individuals purchase such massive TVs is to have an immersive viewing experience when watching their preferred television series and motion pictures.

Yet, you might not get the entire impact if you’re seated too near or too far away. It suggests that the best viewing distance for a 75-inch TV is between 112.5 and 187.5 inches, or 9.4 and 15.6 feet.

This is only a general recommendation, after all, and based on your tastes, you could want to sit closer or farther away from the Screen.

The more pixels you can see on a TV the closer you sit to it, therefore image quality is important. However, if you have a lesser-resolution TV, sitting closer might not be a smart idea as the picture won’t seem as smooth and the pixels will be more obvious.

Is 75-inch TV Too Big?

That is undoubtedly on the bigger side of things in the TV world. If you have a 75-inch TV, there’s a strong chance it’s the largest among all of your friends or relatives. The majority of individuals choose a 65-inch TV, however, some choose a 70-inch model.

It doesn’t, however, imply that it’s too large for your house. A 75″ TV can be the ideal choice for you if you have the room and want an immersive experience.

But keep in mind to consider all the other elements, including viewing distance and room size, that we’ve covered in this post.

Going to an electronics store and physically inspecting some of the 75′′ models is an excellent method to try it out if you’re still unsure. This will help you determine whether it is too large for your house.

What is the Bed Room Size for a 75-inch TV?

You will be able to choose between hanging your new 75-inch television on the wall or putting it on a stand once it is in your home.

Be sure your room is big enough to accommodate a TV this size. As previously stated, you should anticipate sitting 9.6 feet away from a television of this size.

The apparent picture quality will vary depending on how close you are to your television. Choose a bigger television if you have a spacious room and want to sit farther away than is advised.


A 75-inch TV is a substantial financial commitment. You should be able to determine if this size TV is appropriate for you and your household if you consider all the elements we’ve covered in this article.

Knowing the real height and breadth of a 75-inch TV is crucial for figuring out how to accommodate it in your room and how it will influence the appearance of the area it will be placed in.

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