How To Upgrade Laptop SSD Within Minutes

By | January 5, 2023

If you are looking for how to upgrade laptop SSD within the shortest time possible, then you are on the right page. In this simple tutorial, I will help you upgrade your SSD within the shortest time possible.

What you are about to read is aimed at users who already have a laptop using SSD but want to upgrade to a larger size. If what you want is to replace your HDD with an SSD, then you will have to read my previous article: How to upgrade HDD to SSD.

The table of content below will help you navigate the content of this page. You can click on any of the topics to jump to the particular article.

How to upgrade laptop SSD

There are many things you must know about laptops and Solid State Drives (SSDs) before you attempt upgrading your laptop’s SSD. One of the very important things you must know is what type of SSD your laptop uses.

Types of SSDs

There are four main types of Solid State Drives (SSDs). Below are the four main types.

How To Upgrade Laptop SSD
  • mSATA
    The mini-SATA or mSATA is one of the SSD types that is mostly used in new-generation notebooks. It is quite small so most manufacturers prefer to use it in portable devices. It is a smaller version of the SATA drives we already know.
How To Upgrade Laptop SSD
  • M.2
    The M.2 is the slimmest when it comes to the thickness of SSDs. It is so slim and because of that it is used mostly in slim systems.
How To Upgrade Laptop SSD
  • 2.5 Inches
    The 2.5 inches is the most common SSD type we have on the market. This is because it comes with the same features as the 2.5 inches HDD. This also makes it an easy replacement for the laptop HDD.
How To Upgrade Laptop SSD
  • U.2
    The U.2 is a new type of SSD hitting the market. At a glance, it might look like the 2.5 inches but a closer look reveals it is thicker than the 2.5 inches and has completely different connectors.

Check to know which SSD your laptop uses and purchase the desired size of the same type.

Replace your SSD

Follow the process in the order below to replace your drive.

Back up your files from the laptop to an external or cloud storage medium.

Create a bootable pen drive or recovery disc which you will use for installation after the replacement is done. You can follow a tutorial on about How to create a bootable pen drive to learn more.

Check from your laptop manufacturer’s website how you can replace the SSD in your laptop. Follow the instructions from your manufacturer to remove the old SSD and replace it with the new one you bought.

After replacing your SSD, make sure you put everything back as it was then connect your bootable and a new OS installation onto your new drive.

Restore your back when the installation is done. That is it. You have just upgraded your laptop’s SSD.

What if your laptop’s SSD is built on the motherboard?

Some laptops these days come with their SSD and RAM all built on the board. You can not replace the local drives of these types of laptops. However, there is a simple way you can upgrade your storage.

Most of the laptops that have storage that can not be replaced, there is always a flash memory slot somewhere so you can extend the storage if the need arises.

Simply look for the memory slot on your laptop if there is any, heard to and find an SD card. There is this SanDisk store that sells flash memories. With the discount link above, you are guaranteed to get 128GB for as little as $15.

If you purchase this card, simply slot it in and you have got a full second storage medium on your laptop to use.

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