How to Upgrade DSTv Package in Ghana

By | October 26, 2021

You are at the right place if you’re an existing DStv subscriber and want to change DStv Ghana packages. This guide will show you how to upgrade DStv package in Ghana.

There are more than 48 countries in Africa that have access to DSTV. Multichoice Limited owns Dstv Ghana, a subsidiary of the South African internet and media group Naspers.

DStv Ghana Packages and Channels

DStv Ghana currently offers six subscription packages, with the premium package being the most expensive at GHS 390 monthly and the DStv Access package costing GHS 52 monthly.

Package NamePrice/monthNumber of Channel
AccessGHS 5240+
FamilyGHS 9055+
IndianGHS 14915+
CompactGHS 16065+
Compact PlusGHS 24070+
PremiumGHS 39090+

Therefore, if you are interested in migrating from one DStv subscription plan to another, we have provided you with a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Take Note Before Changing Your DStv Package

Before you upgrade your DStv package, you should take note of the following:

  • You will need to wait for your active DSTV subscription to expire before you can attempt to change it.
  • In order to upgrade to a new DSTV package, you will have to pay online.

How to Upgrade Your DStv Package

  • Visit the DStv self service page:
  • Log in with your phone number or surname as well as your SmartCard number.
  • From your account dashboard, click the Account button, then Add or Change button.
  • Your current package and other DStv packages will now be shown to you.
  • Choose the new DStv package that you want to upgrade to, and click Next.
  • You will be presented with a Payment summary. Click Pay to be directed to the DSTV payment portal.
  • Choose your preferred payment platform and enter the necessary payment details.

After successful payment, wait for 2-3 minutes for your decoder to start viewing.

Use the comment section below if you have any questions about how to upgrade your DStv Ghana package.

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