How To Uninstall AMD Drivers On Windows

By | January 9, 2023

There are many reasons why you might want to know how to uninstall AMD drivers. It could be that your drivers are causing display issues or are out of date. No matter the situation, you can trust me to help you uninstall your drivers to resolve the issue.

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (AMD) is one of the companies that produce advanced graphic processors in this technology era. The company’s graphic technology is so good that the only company that can rival them is Nvidia.

Since these AMD graphics are common on the markets for gamers, it will be very common to have problems with your drivers. This why you must learn how to be able to undo your drivers if you feel they are causing problems.

How to uninstall AMD drivers

Follow the procedure below to uninstall your AMD drivers. Note that you can only go through this process successfully if you have AMD graphic card with AMD drivers installed.

Open control panel. You start it from the start menu or simply type “Control Panel” into the search bar.

In the control panel interface, click on Programs and Features


Click on “AMD Software”. This will select the AMD drivers installer. Click on the “Uninstall” button


Click again on “Uninstall” from the AMD Radeon Software Installer interface. Wait for the progress bar to finish loading.

how-to-uninstall-AMD-drivers radeon installer

After the uninstall, the software will show a restart button. Click on it to restart the computer. After the restart, all AMD drivers and folders will be removed from your computer.


What happens after you uninstall drivers?

The drivers are meant to help your graphic card to run its full power. It is a complex process and can not be explained easily. But what the drivers actually do is help the computer recognize the graphics card and all its features. This allows the graphics card to perform at maximum power when the need arises.

If you uninstall the drivers, it will make the computer not recognize your graphics card. This also means your graphics card cannot perform at maximum speed when required.

You must only uninstall your drivers if it is completely necessary.

Is it okay to uninstall AMD Radeon software?

Yes!, It is completely ok to uninstall AMD Radeon software. However, you must make sure if you want to reinstall a different software, then that software must be compatible with your graphic card.

Do I need to uninstall AMD drivers before installing Nvidia?

Yes! If you are switching to a different graphic card, you must remove the old one along with its drivers before you install the new one. This is to help avoid conflict of files in the driver package files.
All new graphic cards should be installed with their own drivers even if they are all from the same manufacturer.

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