How To Turn On CC On Disney Plus Roku

By | March 27, 2023

By forcing you to step outside of what you’re used to, subtitles in movies compel you to pay attention. Subtitles are essential, particularly for the hearing impaired and the deaf, who can easily watch The conversations are translated into the tongue you speak best. As a consequence, the majority of streaming devices and platforms, such as the Roku device, support closed captions.

On the other side, subtitles can occasionally be annoying. The necessity of turning off captions becomes apparent in this situation.

You might want to learn how to turn off captions on your Roku if you have one.

Follow the instructions in this guide to find out how to activate or disable subtitles on your Roku device.


In the US, Roku, Inc. owns the hardware digital video player brand known as Roku. Being able to watch streaming media content from different online platforms is made available by them.
In the digital media player industry, Roku products are credited with helping to popularise the idea of inexpensive, small-form-factor set-top boxes for streaming media.

How Do You Disable Disney Plus On Roku’s Subtitles?

Go to the Roku settings page to switch subtitles on or off for all movies and programmes. Following the steps listed below will allow or stop the subtitles in just a couple of minutes.

Start up your Roku device.

Turning on and connecting your Roku streaming device to the internet is the initial step. Furthermore, confirm that the most current software is installed on your Roku.

Go to the settings menu

Go to the Roku settings page to activate or disable closed captions. Hit the home button on your Roku remote to access the settings section. You can play around with the choices and decide whether you want to turn off closed captions on Roku.

Activate the Accessibility option.

The accessibility tab will show up when you select it, bringing up a menu with several choices. You can try with the different caption choices and make them more appealing.

(Worth Noting: On some Roku devices, the closed captions options are found under the “Captions” menu rather than the “Accessibility” menu.)

From the drop-down option, choose “Captions Mode.”

There are three choices when you tap the “Captions Mode” option: off, always, or repeat.

Decide which captions option to use.

Every Roku programme loses their captions when the off setting in Captions Mode is selected. Similar to the on always setting, subtitles are enabled for all programmes you view. The On replay choice, however, stands out from the other two and is a little more thrilling.

For those who can comprehend dialogue after it has been spoken in a film or television program, the on replay option is available. This choice only keeps the closed captions on when you rewind; if not it turns them off.

How Can Subtitles Be Turned Off In The Process Of Watching a Movie?

You can disable or enable subtitles for a single TV programme or movie on Roku if you don’t want to do that for every one of them. You can easily switch subtitles on/off on Roku with the majority of streaming services, including Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Discovery Plus, and others, with a couple of mouse clicks.

Use the methods below to get rid of closed captions if they irritate you while watching a programme.

  1. Press the asterisk (*) icon on your Roku remote if the playback begins to open the Options menu.
  2. Find the “Closed captioning” menu item and choose “off,” “on always,” “on mute,” or “on replay.”
  3. It’s done now!

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