How To Turn Off Siri Suggestions On Your iPhone

Apple has some specific apps on their computing devices which aids in the use of the specific device smoothly and easily to access certain things.

One of these applications is the Siri App, this Siri app helps in learning how you can use your iPhone and make timely suggestions to help streamline your day, these suggestions come with hourly tips guiding the user to figure out more about his/her iPhone. Siri often makes suggestions in places like Search and the Lock Screen which you either appreciate or find distracting. But if one finds these suggestions very annoying or intrusive, the need to turn them off should not be looked down.

In doing this, the steps below can help one to turn off the Siri suggestion completely.

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  • Firstly open settings on your phone.
  • Scroll down and search for Siri & Search and tap on it.
  • Turn off each of the Siri suggestion options you want to disable
  •  Swipe the button from left to the right to disable suggestions while searching, on the lock screen, home screen or when sharing.
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How to customize or disable Siri Suggestions on iPhone - 9to5Mac
Turn Off Siri Sugestions On iPhone

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