How To Sync Public Folder Contacts To Android

By | January 6, 2023

Contacts are important but frequently ignored tiny pieces of knowledge. They are utilized in many various programs, such as when you send emails through Outlook or Gmail, when you call someone or send them a message.

The key takeaway is that, no matter where you are or what device or service you are using, you should always have your contacts close to hand. The issue is that it might be challenging to understand how to access your contacts across those various platforms and services.

The contacts from other mailboxes and public folders cannot be accessed on mobile devices, despite the fact that contacts from the personal mailbox are frequently synchronized to Android smartphones, tablets, and other destinations.

Features Of Public Folder Contacts

Public Folders support the following features:

  • Contacts
  • Calendar Items
  • Journal Entries
  • Messages
  • Custom Attributes
  • Templates
  • Notes

How To Sync contacts using the Outlook app on Android

Accessing your Outlook account while on the go is easy with the Outlook app for Android. You can get Outlook for Android here if you don’t already have it. You can control your email, calendar, and contacts from within the Outlook app after logging in with your account. You may also use the app to sync your Outlook contacts from your Outlook account to your Android device.

To grant Outlook contacts the right to sync with Android, you must first grant Outlook permission to access your Contacts. After granting permission, you can sync your contacts so that they are accessible in the Android Contacts app.

This is how to sync contacts from Outlook to Android:

  • Click Apps in the Settings app on your Android device (or Applications).
  • From the list, select “Outlook” and hit it.
  • Select Allow under Permissions > Contacts.
  • After granting permissions, you can sync Outlook contacts with Android.
  • Launch the Outlook app on your Android device to get started.
  • To reach Settings, hit the gear symbol after tapping the Microsoft Office icon in the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Choose the Outlook profile from which you wish to copy contacts.
  • Select “Sync Contacts” from the menu.

Your Android device’s built-in Contacts app will now display your Outlook contacts.

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