How to Split Screens on a Mac

By | September 14, 2022

Without manually resizing and moving windows, Split View enables you to fill your Mac screen with two programs. A single window isn’t always sufficient, especially if you work from home. Having many windows open makes switching between tasks easier.

Sometimes you need a lot of things around, whether you need to go through data to write a report, keep a chat window open while looking about, or watch videos while working. Switching between full-screen programs can be laborious and time-consuming.

In this write-up, we will walk you through the steps on how to split screens on a Mac.

How can I Split Screen on Mac?

  • If you want to utilize two apps in split-screen, open them both. Make sure that none of the windows you wish to use are full-screen.
  • Place your mouse on the top-left green button of one of the windows you want to utilize. Hold your cursor over the window until a drop-down option appears before clicking to make it larger.
  • Select either the tile window on the screen’s left or the tile window on its right. On your Mac, the split-screen mode will start up immediately.
  • Other open windows will then appear on the other side of the screen. When you click the window you’ve chosen on the other side of your screen, it will take up the entire space.
  • To change the size of the windows, use the slider in the screen’s center.

How to adjust Split View on Mac

You may change how much of your screen each app occupies using Split View. You don’t have to split it equally, which comes in handy while looking at a huge web page with a peculiar design or having an additional room when working on a sizable spreadsheet.

Be careful that certain applications have minimum width requirements that prevent you from resizing the bar.

Click and hold an app’s Title Bar and drag it to the other side to change the position of the windows. The window will reposition itself on its own!

The resolution of the entire window can be changed if you think the windows are too tiny. You’ll have more room to multitask as a result!

How Do You Split Screen on a Mac without Full Screen?

There is a useful method you can do on the most recent macOS Monterey to maintain the menu bar at the top when you are using the Mac Split View tool, which requires you to go full-screen to split your screen. All you have to do is disable the menu bar’s automatic hiding when the screen is filled. This is how to accomplish it:

  • Go to System Preference by clicking the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your screen.
  • Next, select Dock & Menu Bar.
  • Find and uncheck the option to automatically hide and reveal the menu bar in full screen at the bottom of this window’s default Dock & Menu Bar menu.

Additionally, the Mosaic app doesn’t go full screen when your windows are being snapped to a grid, allowing you to divide your screen into two or more halves and view all of your windows without doing so, as we showed in the earlier portion of this piece.

How to Switch Windows in a Split Screen

A split screen view makes switching between two pages simple. You may switch back and forth between different programs and your split screen.

  • To access Mission Control, swipe up with four fingers on the trackpad.
  • Choose the window or dual screen pair by clicking on it.

What is the Shortcut for Split Screen on Mac?

We have a hint for you if you’re wondering how to shortcut the half-screen function on your Mac. You can divide your screen in two, even if there isn’t a straight shortcut for it.

  • For your active window to fill the entire screen, press Control + Command + F.
  • Use your keyboard’s Mission Control button to initiate this (the one with three rectangular shapes on it and maybe F3).
  • Choose the two windows you wish to include in the split screen and drag one of them onto the other.

Why is my Mac unable to use the Split Screen?

  • First, make sure fullscreen mode is not turned on. The split screen is only supported by the default window view. Check to see if Displays have separate Spaces activated in System Preferences > Mission Control to determine if that is the issue. If not, do so right now.
  • If you can’t see the option in the Mission Control menu, make sure your operating system is macOS 10.11 or later. You can find out what OS version is presently installed on your machine by choosing About this Mac from the Apple icon in the upper left menu. You must update if you are using an earlier version option on the Software Update screen.

Keep in mind that not all programs support split displays. If you’ve done everything else, it’s quite probable that the app doesn’t support split-screen mode and that it won’t tile in that mode.

Split Screen View system requirements

With the introduction of OS X El Capitan in 2014, the split screen view was made accessible. You can’t view two apps at once in older OS X versions.

Split-screen functionality isn’t supported by some programs, particularly Internet-downloaded third-party programs. Even if all the settings appear to be in order, if an app won’t fill the entire screen, it’s probably not intended to be used this way. You’ll be relieved to learn that the majority of MacBook’s standard applications are fully supported.

Using Better Mac Split Screen alternatives

You’ll probably discover that you need to increase your productivity and do more activities at once as you advance in your job or study. Your Mac’s open window and app count increase exponentially, but the amount of empty space on the screen appears to be decreasing.

Unfortunately, there are few options and settings available with the split-screen view. Split View will fail you down if having two apps running simultaneously is insufficient for maximizing productivity. It’s possible that you’ll take a while to select the ideal app for your requirements. Fortunately, some applications, like Magnet or Split Screen, let you view more than two windows at once.


Learning how to accomplish double screen on your Mac is simple. In just a few simple steps, you can transform your screen into a multitasking powerhouse with Split View. Follow the steps in this article to know how to split screens on a Mac.

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