How to Solve Trace on Cool Math Games

By | March 14, 2023

Cool Math Games is a popular online gaming website that features a variety of fun and challenging games for all ages. One of the most popular games on the website is called Trace. Trace is a puzzle game that requires players to draw lines to connect colored dots without crossing over any lines.

While Trace can be a challenging game, there are several strategies you can use to solve it. In this blog post, we will discuss three tips to help you solve Trace on Cool Math Games.

Understanding the Basics

Before diving into strategies, it’s important to understand the basics of Trace. The game consists of a series of levels, each with a different set of colored dots that need to be connected. The difficulty of the levels increases as you progress through the game.

In the beginning levels, there are just a few dots that need to be connected, making it relatively easy to solve. However, as you move up the levels, the number of dots and the complexity of the puzzle increases. In some of the higher levels, there are up to 15 dots that need to be connected, making it much more difficult to solve.

The dots are connected by drawing lines, but the lines cannot cross over each other. Additionally, each dot must be connected to a dot of the same color. If you get stuck or make a mistake, you can undo your last move by tapping the undo button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Tips for Solving Trace

  1. Start with the corners: One of the best strategies for solving Trace is to start by connecting the dots in the corners of the puzzle. This will help you establish a framework for the rest of the puzzle and make it easier to connect the dots in the middle. Once you have connected the dots in the corners, you can work your way towards the center.
  2. Work from the outside in: Another helpful strategy is to work from the outside of the puzzle inwards. This means connecting the dots on the edges of the puzzle first and then working your way towards the center. This can help you avoid crossing over any lines and make it easier to see which dots still need to be connected.
  3. Use trial and error: Finally, don’t be afraid to use trial and error when solving Trace. If you make a mistake, simply tap the undo button and try again. You can also experiment with different paths to connect the dots until you find the right one. It may take a few attempts to solve a puzzle, but with practice, you will get better at it.


Trace is a fun and challenging game that requires a mix of strategy and trial and error to solve. By starting with the corners, working from the outside in, and using trial and error, you can improve your chances of completing each level successfully.

Remember, the key to solving Trace is to be patient and persistent. It may take some time to solve a puzzle, but with practice, you will get better at it. So the next time you’re stuck on a Trace puzzle, remember these tips and give them a try!

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