How To Solve Disney Plus Stuck On Loading Screen 

By | March 18, 2023

You are not the only one who may be experiencing issues with your Disney Plus account. The Disney service has been experiencing problems, including problems where the loading screen gets stuck or won’t load at all.

The Disney+ app freezes, lags, and stops working as a result of this sporadic issue. Fortunately, we were able to narrow down the troubleshooting techniques that helped many users overcome the issue and begin using Disney Plus on their devices.

In this article, we will go over some of the best techniques for resolving loading or startup issues with Disney+ in this article.

What causes the Disney Plus loading screen to remain stuck?

It’s crucial that you comprehend the error’s root cause before moving on to the fixes. Understand  the typical causes of the Disney Plus app getting stuck on the loading screen first.

  • Poor Internet connection – The main cause of the issue may be an unstable internet connection or a connection that isn’t functioning well. Therefore, ensure your internet connection is reliable and strong enough to use Disney Plus before implementing any other fixes.
    Therefore, ensure your internet connection is reliable and strong enough to use Disney Plus before implementing any other fixes.
  • Cache data corruption – Some of the Disney Plus cached files may become damaged or corrupted, which may be the cause of the Disney+ won’t load issue. Try wiping your steaming device’s cache and data to resolve the issue.
  • IPV6 incompatibility – A network setting incompatibility may be brought on by your router’s IPv6 address for DNS. Hence, disabling IPv6 on your router can help you solve your issue.
  • Disable Adblockers: If you have Adblockers installed on your computer, they might be interfering with the installation of Disney Plus. Hence, turn off the ad blocker on your computer to fix the problem.

How To Solve Disney Plus Stuck On Loading Screen 

Clear Cache and Data

When Disney Plus gets stuck while watching, clear the data and cache files on your streaming device and reset it to factory settings. Finally, after clicking “Allow” on the device’s prompt to grant access, your smartphone should show that you are logged in, and Disney Plus will launch shortly after. To see if the problem with Disney Plus not loading or freezing has been resolved, choose a movie to stream.

Uninstall ad blockers and similar software

With the device that the sign-up link directs you to, try removing all of your adblockers, then reload the website. This method works for users of macOS and Windows PCs who stream Disney Plus through a web browser.

To remove the extension from your Chrome browser, adhere to the instructions.

Do as directed by the instructions:

  • Open Chrome and select the three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Choose Additional Tools and Extensions now.
  • Next select Adblock from the Extensions Menu to turn it off.

Consider restarting your device

Many Fire TV users have tried pressing on the select and play buttons at the same time to restart the device. After that, the problem of Disney Plus not loading or freezing on the loading screen was fixed. Users who experience Disney Plus stuck on loading screen on Disney Plus streaming devices are advised to perform a device reboot and restart.

Try restarting or reinstalling the Disney Plus app.

Turn off your smartphone, uninstall the Disney Plus app, wait a short while, plug it back in, turn it on, and install the app again. Try Disney Plus on your streaming device once more.

Disable IPv6

There is an IPv6 address for DNS in your device’s network settings; turn off IPv6 on your WiFi router. Your device will be able to use DNS as a result.

Communicate with Disney Plus Help.

If the app is still stuck on the loading screen with a logo, get in touch with Disney Plus support. The Disney Plus team may be trying to fix an already reported problem with the Disney Plus app. The only thing left to do is wait.

Terminate VPN

If you are using a VPN, stop utilizing it since Disney Plus can identify it and bar you from using the service. The Disney + streaming page will then reload.

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