How to Send Airtime From Vodafone To MTN

By | August 28, 2022

Sending airtime from one network to another is now possible in Ghana and it is due to the interoperability system.

Irrespective of the network you are on, you can send airtime to other networks from your network’s mobile money wallet.

Due to this fact, you can actually send airtime from Vodafone to MTN without any stress and in this article, we would be taking a look at how you can achieve this.

Sending airtime from Vodafone to MTN

Before you decide to send airtime to other networks from Vodafone, it is noteworthy that the transaction is not reversible so in case you send it to a wrong number, that is it.

How to Send Airtime From Vodafone To MTN

If you want to send airtime from Vodafone to MTN, do the following;

  • Dial *110#
  • Choose option 3 (Buy airtime or data)
  • Choose option 1 (Buy Airtime)
  • Choose option 4 (Other Networks) and follow the prompts to complete the transaction

What to do before you can send airtime from Vodafone to MTN

As mentioned earlier, this transaction can only be made possible through your Vodafone Cash account so the first thing you must do is to register for Vodafone cash and have some money in your account.

How to Register for Vodafone Cash?

Simply take a valid photo ID to any Vodafone Retail Shop or agent. You must provide the following information: Name, Date of Birth, Location, Vodafone Mobile Number, National ID details, and Next of Kin details.

How long does Vodafone Cash registration take?

Registering for Vodafone Cash does not take much time as the time involved is less than five minutes. Additionally, registering for Vodafone cash is absolutely free.

How do you deposit money into your Vodafone Cash wallet?

Go to a Vodafone Retail Store or a mobile money agent. Provide the agent with your phone number as well as the amount of money you wish to deposit. You will receive an SMS indicating that the same amount has been credited to your wallet. The deposit is free of charge.

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