How To See Who Viewed Your Video On Facebook

By | August 17, 2022

The first and biggest social network in the world, Facebook, has numerous users and provides functionality. You might be curious, nevertheless, to know who has watched your Facebook videos. 

Monitoring the number of views received by a post or video on Facebook is one approach to gauge its effectiveness. Even still if they engage with it as well. This is how to find out who watched your Facebook videos if you frequently post video content.

How To See Who Viewed Your Video On Facebook

The amount of views is shown below the video if you shared it with the audience as a public video. However, to view the quantity of views for your clips, you must use the Facebook app for Android and iPhone. There are extra stats that you can check from a desktop computer if you post a video on a Page.

  • Visit Insights to view the statistics on the videos you’ve shared on your Page. Then, select Videos and analyze the information.
  • You can also look at the insights for certain videos. Go to your Page and choose Publishing Tools to do that (Meta Business Suite).
  • Then, select the video you want to watch by clicking on Video Library. You can look up various statistics about the effectiveness of that video, including its audience and engagement.
  • For instance, you can see how many people saw, commented on, and shared your video.
  • Additionally, you can see how many times your video was viewed for at least three seconds and how many times it was watched in its entirety.

Remember that only videos with at least 100 views are eligible for these statistics.

How to Check Views After Live Videos on Facebook

You can check the live stream management page while a programme is live on Facebook to see who is tuning in. Sadly, once the transmission is ended, you are unable to track down the viewers of your live-streamed video. You can look up the total number of viewers, but you can’t tell who saw your video specifically.

You can get around this by inviting your viewers to talk to you while you’re broadcasting and to react on the video.

Soon after the live stream has ended, a recorded version of the broadcast will be accessible. However, you still cannot see who is watching it.

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