How to Reset Spectrum Router

By | March 19, 2023

Around the globe, millions of clients are served by the Spectrum router’s high-speed internet services. Moreover, Spectrum provides its clients with a range of networking tools, including routers.

Resetting the router is one method for resolving difficulties that Spectrum routers occasionally encounter, just like any other technological equipment.

When you reset a Spectrum router, it might assist in resolving connectivity issues, sluggish internet speeds, and other problems that may emerge when using the network.

In this guide, we will walk you through how to reset a Spectrum router with ease.

Should I Reset My Spectrum Wi-Fi Router often?

It’s not advised to reset your Spectrum Wi-Fi router too frequently, even if it might assist with network problems. You should refrain from often resetting your router for several reasons.

  • It’s more detrimental to reset your router frequently than not. Your Wi-Fi name and password are deleted when you reset your router, along with all of your other settings. This implies that after returning your router to factory settings, you will need to configure your network again. This might be a time-consuming operation if your network has a lot of devices linked to it.
  • Rebooting your router too frequently might shorten its lifespan by causing wear and tear on the hardware. Your router will deteriorate more quickly the more times you reset it, which might cause hardware failure and necessitate replacing it.
  • While your Spectrum router reboots, your network may be unavailable for a short period. If you need to use the internet, this may be annoying, and it may also interfere with any ongoing online tasks like downloads, video calls, or online games.

If you are having network problems that cannot be fixed by restarting your devices or resetting your modem, then you should only reset your router. Connectivity problems, sluggish internet speeds, and lost connections are a few examples of problems that may call for a router reset.

How Can I Reset the Spectrum Router?

Using My Spectrum App

  • Make sure to download the “My Spectrum app” for your phone if you don’t already have it.
  • Use your Spectrum ID and password to log in to the mobile app.
  • Then go to services
  • Select Advanced WiFi settings.
  • From the pop-up list, choose Factory reset.

Using Web Portal

  • Use the Spectrum login credentials you created during the initial setup to access Enter the information, check it, then click Sign In.
  • Get to the Internet by clicking the services tab. Your home network’s linked gadgets will be visible to you. Choose the Wireless router, then pick Reset Equipment.
  • Before moving on, the portal will request confirmation. When your connection is stable, click on the reset equipment button and wait a short while.

Using the Factory Reset Button on the Router

Spectrum suggests calling in for tech assistance if restarting or resetting the Spectrum Wi-Fi router does not resolve the issue you are experiencing. The user handbook for the internet-connected device is another option.

In general, every router has a reset button at the back or on the bottom. By doing this, the gadget is reset to its factory default settings.

Remember that a hard reset means you lose all of your current network settings if you are using your device with Spectrum Internet and you think it would resolve network troubles. Hence, it is wise to remember important information before doing a factory reset, such as the network name (SSID), password, etc.

After it is finished, grab a fine hairpin or a paper clip that has been straightened. And then, after holding it down for around 10 seconds, let go of the reset button. When you do this, the router has to be switched on. The device will restart with default settings after being reset, and you may proceed to set it up as usual.

Benefits of Resetting WiFi Router

  • Clears out Cache and Cookies: You can speed up your network by clearing the cache and cookies on your router. Your router’s performance may be impacted if it accumulates a lot of cache and cookies over time. Your internet speeds can be increased and these files can be removed by performing a device reset.
  • Resolve Software issues: Resetting your router might help fix any software difficulties you’re having with it. Software bugs can occasionally arise in routers, causing them to perform incorrectly. These problems can be resolved and the router returned to its initial state by performing a reset.
  • Fixes Connectivity issues: Resetting your router has several advantages, one of which is that it may often resolve connectivity problems. Resetting your router might assist fix any issues you are having connecting to your WiFi network. It can also assist if you are having poor internet speeds or lost connections.
  • Provides a fresh start: Your network may get off to a new start by restarting your router. The performance of routers can be impacted by the accumulation of settings and configurations over time. The router may be reset to start over and assist improve performance.
  • Fixes connectivity issues: Resetting your router can help you resolve connectivity problems, which is one of its key advantages. Resetting your router will assist in solving the problem if you are having trouble connecting to your WiFi network. If you are having trouble with lost connections or sluggish internet speeds, it may also be helpful.


Resetting the router is a quick process that might pay off in the long term. The processes outlined above should assist clear up any questions you may have concerning the procedure.

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