How to Remove Sim Card from iPhone

By | March 22, 2023

This complete guide on How to Remove Sim Card from iPhone in 2023 has all the necessary information each and every iPhone lover should consider reading and know the proper ways to remove SIM Card from any iOS device.

The information your device needs to connect to their network and use the voice and data services associated with your account is all provided by your mobile carrier on a SIM card. However, the majority of iPhones and iPads with cellular capabilities have SIM card slots on their sides, though they are smaller and less apparent now than they formerly were.

Some iPhone users find it difficult to remove their SIM cards from their phones. Don’t worry if you are among those people because this article is gonna show you how to do so.

In this article guide, we will help show you how to remove the SIM card from an iPhone with ease. So let’s get started.

What is a SIM Card?

It carries information for your phone, such as your phone number, billing information, address book, and carrier. You can’t utilize mobile internet, make or receive calls, send or receive SMS text messages, or use your device’s little slot for mobile SIM cards if you don’t have one.

Why Should I Remove My SIM Card?

You can take your SIM card out of your iPhone for a variety of reasons, like setting up a new device or switching carriers. Likewise, if you need to submit your phone for repairs, you should take out your SIM card. Your personal information will be portable in this manner.

How to Remove the SIM Card in an iPhone or iPad

  • Locate the SIM tray on your iPhone.
  • Put your bent paperclip or the SIM eject tool into the SIM card slot’s tiny pinhole.
  • Lightly press down until the SIM tray starts to pop out.
  • Pull the SIM tray out of the slot carefully using your thumb and finger.

Note: Never push the SIM tray back into its slot with the force since you run the risk of destroying the contacts on your iOS device’s circuit board. If the tray doesn’t fit back in, remove it, remove the SIM card, and then re-insert the card once again being very careful to get the orientation correct.

What Can I Do if My SIM Card Doesn’t Fit in My iPhone?

Throughout the years, SIM cards have appeared in a variety of sizes, including the original size, micro, and now nano. You may have the wrong size SIM card if it is difficult to insert it into the iPhone’s SIM tray.

Check closely to see if you can pop out a smaller SIM card if your SIM card is too large. Networks occasionally provide SIM cards with a variety of pop-out sizes. To move your SIM card to the next size up if it is too little, see if you can get a SIM adaptor.

If your SIM card does not fit your iPhone, the other best course of action is to call your carrier and request a replacement. You may even transfer your number or contract information to the new SIM card to ensure that you don’t lose anything; this is typically free.

How to Use Dual SIM Cards with Your iPhone.

You might be able to utilize two SIM cards with your iPhone if you have an iPhone XR, an iPhone XS, or a later model. This is especially helpful if you have distinct phone numbers for personal and professional calls. You may even decide what phone number each person in your address book will call by default.

A dual-SIM iPhone allows you to utilize both an eSIM and a nano-SIM card. You might be able to use two nano-SIM cards in their stead, though.

Digital SIM cards are known as eSIMs. So you don’t need to put it into your iPhone. To set up an eSIM on your iPhone, use one of the techniques listed below:

  1. From the App Store, download the app for your carrier, then follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. Open the camera, then scan the carrier’s QR code.
  3. Choose Settings > Cellular > Add Cellular Plan.

Remove the SIM tray and set the nano-SIM cards on either side with the metal connections facing outwards if your iPhone allows two nano-SIM cards. Reinstall the tray on your iPhone, then navigate to Settings > Cellular to view all of the available phone numbers.

Can I Remove My SIM whiles My Phone is On?

While the device is turned on, avoid attempting to insert or remove the SIM card. The SIM card and/or the device might be damaged if you do this.

Make sure the machine is turned off. Remove the SIM card tray from the device’s right side.

To unlock the tray, insert the SIM eject tool (or paperclip) into the slot.

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