How To Make A Shape Transparent In Google Slides

By | March 29, 2023

Although Google Slides is an effective tool for making and displaying presentations, the images you choose may not always work with your overall style.

Making the image transparent so that text and other presentation components can still be seen through it is one way to deal with this issue. This can be done to draw attention to particular slide components, add images to the presentation design, or give it a more cohesive appearance.

The instructions below will help you if you’re not aware how to make an image transparent in Google Slides.

Why Could Make You Alter a Shape’s Transparency?

There are a number of reasons you might want to modify a shape’s clarity in Google Slides. For instance,

When delivering a presentation, you can use shapes to draw attention to specific areas. You might use a semi-transparent shape to:

  • Develop your presentation’s complexity
  • Create a captivating graphic impact.
  • Feature a different aspect of your show.

There are countless ways you can use transparency to improve your display; these are merely a handful of them.

How to Make a Shape Transparent in Google Slides

The built-in editing tools in Google Slides allow you to modify a shape’s transparency after you’ve added it.

In Google Slides, transparent shapes are created by:

  • You can make a form transparent by opening your Google Slides presentation and choosing the desired shape.
  • On the taskbar, look for the Fill Color drop-down option.
  • Choose Transparent under the Fill Color selection.
  • The form will now be entirely transparent, but the border will still be visible. Select your preferred colour from the Border Color drop-down menu on the taskbar to alter the border’s size and colour.
  • Pick a measurement from the Border Weight drop-down menu to alter the border’s size.
  • By selecting the desired style from the Border dash drop-down option, you can also alter the border’s appearance.

The shape ought to be transparent at this stage, enabling the background or other objects at the back to be transparent.

How To Use a Color Gradient to Make a Shape Semi-Transparent.

Google Slides gives you the option of rendering a shape translucent along a colour gradient as well as to transforming it into transparent or semi-transparent.

  • Click on the object you want to change after finding it.
  • In the toolbar, select the pouring paint bucket symbol.
  • Click “Custom” about midway down the page. There will be an extra window with colour adjustments that will open.
  • Select the colour you want using the colour slider midway down.
  • Go to the bottom and click the transparency strip there.
  • Adjust the slider to the appropriate transparency level as needed.

As opposed to giving your image a fully transparent appearance, this procedure will provide your shape a semi-transparent colour. This is a great method for altering shapes to go with a particular presentation motif.

Is It Possible To Make Images In Google Slides Appear Partially Transparent?

Yes is the response. In Google Slides, images can have a partly transparent appearance. Images can be merged into your slide’s background using this function while still standing out from the surrounding area. A few clicks on the picture formatting choices are all that is necessary. To change the brightness, click the bar and move it as desired. You’ll notice that the visibility of your picture fluctuates over time.

Making Interesting Slides Presentations on Google

Making images transparent in Google Slides is a fantastic method to improve the presentation’s visual attractiveness. Any image or shape in your Google Slides show can quickly have a layer of transparency added to it by simply following the directions above.

However, there are additional methods to improve your presentations. For instance, you can combine items to produce more intricate graphics, make your own templates to give your presentations a unified style, or add your own audio to make them more engaging.

What kinds of rectangle forms are available for insertion in Google Slides?

Different rectangular shapes are available in Google Slides to enhance the professionalism and appeal of any show. These choices offer a variety of ways to add visually appealing elements, from simple, rounded rectangles to star-shaped polygons.

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