How To Login To CCTU Student Portal

By | August 10, 2022

Due to its significant contributions to the field of education, Cape Coast Technical University (CCTU) is regarded as one of Ghana’s top postsecondary institutions.

The fact is that times have changed, and most schools are now using technology to streamline various processes. CCTU has followed suit, and as of right now, a website called the CCTU student portal exists where students can easily access their academic resources.

Our concentration will be on the CCTU student portal in this article as we hope to address all the questions you might have concerning this topic.

CCTU Student Portal Information

The student portal of Cape Coast Technical University (CCTU) is a very plain and easy-to-use interface. An individual can accomplish a multitude of activities on the platform, including the following:

  • finish the course registration process.
  • the payment of student fees.
  • examining your semester’s academic performance
  • you can download your academic transcript using this method.
  • the academic calendar for the current term.

It is noteworthy that you must be a new or continuing student in order to utilize the Cape Coast Technical University (CCTU) student portal.

What is required to access your CCTU student portal

Follow these steps to sign in to your CCTU student portal:

  • Visit the URL,
  • Proceed to enter your student registration number as well as your student password
  • After this, just tap the sign-in button to access your portal

How to change or reset your CCTU student portal password

Changing or resetting your password on the CCTU student portal is achievable. On the login page, locate the ‘Reset Password’ link found just below the login button and click on it. Proceed to fill in your details to get your password changed.

Who to contact so your login problems are addressed

If you have a log-in issue, it can be addressed, however, it will be done outside of the platform as you will be required to visit the school’s IT department to get your issue resolved.

About CCTU

Previously, it was known as Cape Coast Polytechnic and it is located in Ghana’s Central Region.

In 1984, Cape Coast Polytechnic began operating as a second-cycle institution. The Technical University was elevated to a tertiary level after the PNDCL 321 was passed in 1992, enabling it to conduct programs leading to the award of a Higher National Diploma.

As a whole, Cape Coast Technical University has three schools and twelve academic departments.

Cape Coast Technical University offers courses in the following areas: arts, business, applied sciences, engineering, mechanical engineering, procurement & supply chain management, building technology, bachelor of science in statistics accounting with computing, civil engineering, secretaryship & management studies, marketing, and telecommunication engineering.

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