How To Hide Page On a Website

By | October 14, 2022

Marketing and advertising are essential activities that every business owner must carry out. Without it, it’s possible that one won’t be able to increase sales and profit. Consequently, a website builder that is primarily for car dealers is required to increase sales and profits.

Therefore, business owners use the website to outperform the competition and increase sales and profits. But after that, there are concerns about ranking highly or first on Google.

Your consumers’ purchasing experience would be enhanced if certain pages on the website were hidden, and this would inevitably encourage them to move on to the next stage in no time.

In this post, we are going to teach you how to hide a page on a website.

 What is is an e-commerce platform and digital marketing tool that offers marketing capabilities for the automotive industry. It is also one of the largest marketplaces for the sale of both new and secondhand cars.

Because dealers have total control over the layout of their site, they can develop a distinctive online presence that accurately represents their brand. It is a cost-effective option for businesses of all sizes because it includes all of the key operations necessary for managing a successful dealership (website hosting, inventory control, etc.). Dealers may track leads and monitor site activity with features like traffic reporting and lead tracking.

Advantages of a website’s hidden page

Hiding pages on a website has several advantages.

  • One advantage is that it strengthensĀ online security.
  • You may make it more challenging for cybercriminals to identify and take advantage of vulnerabilities by concealing pages.
  • Hiding pages might also aid in enhancing website performance. Your website will load quicker and be more responsive if you hide pages that are not regularly visited.

How To Hide Page On a Website

There are a couple different ways you can conceal a page on your website.

Step-1: Log in to 

You must first visit the website and log in using your login information.

You must enter the proper username and password to log in. However, what happens if you forget your login password? There’s no reason to freak out. To retrieve your password, all you have to do is press the Forgot password button.

Step-2: Select Page You Want to Hide

Once you have successfully logged in, you can search for the page you want to conceal. It can be a page for a product or a car previously sold. Note that you can carefully search our site and select the page you want to conceal.

Step-3: Click on Hide this Page Link

The final step in hiding a page is to click the Hide This Page link. Once you’ve done that, the page has been successfully hidden.

If you can’t find the Hide this Page link, use your computer’s Ctrl + S key combination. There will be a search box; use it to look for the Hide this Page link. Tap Save Changes to finish.

You must enable desktop site in your browser if you’re using a mobile device. To access the desktop site on Chrome, tap the three vertical dots, often known as more options. then adhere to the aforementioned desktop procedure.

Safari Browser is Simply follow the instructions for the desktop above after tapping on the AA icon and selecting Request Desktop Site.

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