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By | March 29, 2023

For its detailed and multisensory structured literacy method to teaching basic reading and spelling abilities, Fundations is outstanding. It is an addition to the fundamental language arts curriculum, methodically tackling

In this article, we are looking at the various fundations writing for google slides.

What Are Fundation Writings

A structured literacy approach is used by Fundations to make reading fun and set the foundation for lifelong literacy. K-3 teachers can boldly deliver a meticulously structured reading, spelling, and handwriting curriculum with fun, multisensory methods thanks to the programme’s research-based methodology and extensive materials. Fundations helps teachers implement successful instructional strategies and is in line with the science of reading.

The instructional subjects and guiding principles needed for successful foundational reading and writing are contained in a structured literacy method for foundational skills. Learning is productive and effective while making the most of precious class time thanks to Fundations’ distinctive and multisensory approach to teaching.

Students can achieve bigger improvements in the abilities needed for autonomous reading and spelling thanks to organized, cumulative, explicit, diagnostic, and integrated instruction and practise.

How does Fundations work with core reading programs?

Fundations meticulously crafts its lessons to teach decoding, spelling, and handwriting precision.

presented in an integrated, scaffolded sequence until mastery. It is intended to be used in conjunction with a language arts curriculum that emphasises literature to more fully handle understanding and writing. Students will engage in decoding with linked text and use transcription skills (handwriting and spelling) in their writing as part of a basic literacy programme.

Fundations Writing For Google Slides

Below are some of the fundation writing for google slides.

Fundations Lower Case Letter Practice Google Slides (a through d)

With respect to Fundations, the material is meant to assist students and their families with the correct formation of lower case letters. It is hoped that by making this resource available to families, young children will be able to develop positive habits before starting formal education, providing them with a kind of early start on their studies.

Yet, this resource can also be used to correct errors and assist students one-on-one with their unique needs. I’m confident there are countless other applications for this tool as well.

The resource contains:

One slide with only lowercase characters and a selection of audio files to hear each letter.
Two slides with videos showing how to use the material are provided.

The characters a through d are represented by individual slides. On each of these images, you’ll find: a gif of a hand writing a message on formal stationary while following the correct procedure. Detailed written directions and a link to the audio are provided. The location of the little ones’ initials on their paper—skyline or planeline—is also emphasised.

Alphabet and Handwriting Google Slides – Wilson/Fundations

 Each slide has a video (Sesame Street Podcast), a poster for each letter, a video clip on letter formations, a Wilson letter writing frame and directions.

Fundations Letters and Sounds-Self Check Recordings

The recognition of Fundations characters and sounds can be practised by students. Every single capital and lowercase character is recorded along with its sound in the 19 Google Slides, allowing students to double-check their knowledge as they practise. In the same order as they are presented in the program, the letters are arranged. Additionally, there are four wiggle breaks, and the final page asks the pupils to evaluate themselves. These slides are suitable for solo or group work, targeted RTI practice, and home practise.

FREE Google Slides™ CVC Word Families -ag Digital Activities

With the help of this FREE tool, your pupils can practise CVC short a words and the -ag word family. Included words were bag, lag, rag, droop, tag, and wag.

Methods of Use

  • Virtual/Distant Learning:
  • During meetings, share your screen with the entire company.
  • Share your screen in small groups during sessions.
  • Assign slides for solo work using Google Classroom or your preferred learning management system.

During class:

  • show for the entire group on an interactive whiteboard
  • small parties – complete slides as a team.
  • tasks you do on your own, in a literacy or technology centre.

Fundations 1st Grade Trick Words–Presentation and Activity Pages

With interactive audio and fill-in-the-blank sentences for each lesson, Google Slides presentation.

Worksheets with blanks to be filled in for each lesson.

This tool is excellent for use in classes where the students’ abilities and grade levels vary. This was made for a school with multiple subject areas.

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