How to Factory Reset Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

By | October 5, 2022

There are a few reasons to reset your Smartphone. Sometimes it could be a reason for a virus attack, or sometimes very intentional to clear all the data irrespective of the information on the phone.

To keep your phone clean, the factory data reset feature totally deletes all of your personal data. You can use this feature to safely remove data from your phone and reset the device to its factory settings or when something goes wrong with your phone.

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy phone completely.

How to Factory Reset Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

To reset your factory data, follow the instructions listed below.

Remember to make backup copies of all crucial data on the device before completing the factory data reset.

Step 1. Launch the Settings app

Step 2. On the Settings window, locate and click on “General management“.

Step 3. Select Reset.

Step 4. Select Factory data reset and then review the information.

Step 5. When you’re ready, swipe and tap Reset.

Step 6. Tap the Delete all button to continue with the reset and delete all information stored on your phone.

Your phone will reset; when it turns back on, it will start from the initial setup screen.


If you have a security lock set on the phone, you will be asked to enter the credentials.

Regularly back up your data to a safe location, such as Samsung Cloud or a computer, so that you can restore it if the data is corrupted or lost due to an unintended factory data reset.

How to Enable Auto Factory Reset in Samsung Galaxy Phone

You can set your device to perform a factory data reset if you enter the unlock code incorrectly several times in a row and reach the attempt limit. Follow the steps below to activate Auto factory reset.

  • Launch the Settings app, and then click on the “Lock screen“.
  • Select Secure lock settings and unlock the screen using the preset screen lock method.
  • Click on the “Auto factory reset” switch to activate it.

After 15 incorrect attempts to unlock your phone, it will be reset to factory default settings, and all data will be eased, including files and downloaded apps.

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