How To Delete Apps On Mac

By | October 17, 2022

Ever pondered how to remove a program on a Mac? If you’ve previously used a Windows computer, you might be accustomed to removing programs from the Control Panel. Sadly, macOS doesn’t have such a feature. On a Mac, uninstalling an app is slightly simpler but less noticeable.
For any macOS user, being able to delete programs from your MacBook is a useful ability.

How To Delete Apps On Mac

Launchpad or the Finder are two options for doing this. Therefore, you must adhere to the same steps listed below whether you want to “uninstall” or “remove” an app.

Using Launchpad to delete an app

To remove apps that have been downloaded from the App Store, you can use Launchpad by following the steps below.

  • Click Launchpad in the Dock or launch it from your Applications folder to open it.
  • Enter the app’s name in the search box at the top of the screen if Launchpad does not already have it listed. You may also use two fingers to swipe right or left on your touchpad to see the previous or next page.
  • Until the apps wobble, press and hold the Option key or click and hold any app.
  • To delete any app, click the Delete button next to it, and then click Delete again to confirm. The app is promptly deleted. 

Using Finder to delete an app

Apps that are unavailable or weren’t downloaded from the App Store can be deleted with the Finder.

  • Find the application in the Finder. The majority of apps are located in your Applications folder, which you can access by clicking Applications in any Finder window’s sidebar. Alternatively, search for the program in Spotlight and then double-click it while holding down the Command key.
  • To relocate an app to the trash, drag it there or select it and click File > Move to Trash.
  • Enter the username and password for the administrator account on your Mac if you are prompted for them. You most likely use this username and password to access your Mac
  • Select Finder> Trash to remove the application.

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