How To Convert Publisher Documents To Powerpoint

By | March 10, 2023

One of the most well-known and frequently used programs you can find around is Microsoft Publisher. For a customer, you might, however, frequently find yourself having to convert a publisher document into a different file type and we bring you the easy steps you can follow to convert Microsoft Publisher files to PDF.

The Purpose of PowerPoint

A  PowerPoint is used to make multimedia presentations. They are typically employed to create individualized displays that are restricted to institutional and business settings. With dramatic motions, amazing animations, icons, expert designs, and 3D models, it aids in communicating your ideas. You can create and alter as many presentations as you like, including different diagrams, tables, movies, and other elements.

Microsoft Publisher: Why Use It?

The Publisher, on the other hand, is a program that has been in use since 1991. It is very easily utilized to develop any graphic documents that one wishes to produce. Using this software, you may customize your work by making your own graphic compositions and using a professional layout. In addition to this, it is frequently used to make business cards, magazines, brochures, and other similar materials.

How to Create a PDF from a Microsoft Publisher File

Below are the process for creating a PDF from a Microsoft Publisher File.

  • Create a new PowerPoint document. Select New Slide from the Insert tab, then click the Blank symbol. You may simply click the New Slide icon in the ribbon after adding this blank slide to add as many additional slides as necessary. In the first slide, remove the text boxes.
  • Select the Photos icon.
  • To launch a navigation window, first choose the first slide and then click the Pictures icon on the Insert ribbon.
  •  Unzip the folder containing the images for Publisher. To insert, choose the file and click.
  • If necessary, drag the embedded image to the slide’s center. Each blank slide in the PowerPoint presentation should contain one of the remaining photos.

To launch the saved PowerPoint presentation:

  • Click the file’s name twice.
  • Select Open from the menu. Whenever you open a file, a notification stating that it will be converted will appear.
  • If another warning appears informing you that the original publisher document will be removed, select Yes or No.
  • The original document is removed if you choose Yes.
  • Do you want to save this presentation, if asked by another message? To indicate whether you wish to save your changes or not, choose an option.
  • Pick one of these alternatives after PowerPoint has finished converting file into a.ppt presentation: Close with saving, close without saving, keep both files (.pub and.ppt), cancel conversion, or close with saving just.

If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, the procedures are not the same:

  • Click Open With from the context menu of the right-clicked file.
  • Out from drop-down option, select Select Program. Next, look for PowerPoint 2007 on your laptop.
  • Lastly, select Open. A screen to convert PowerPoint to Word will appear.
  • To generate a combined version of your Word document and revert it to PDF, choose Finish & Merge.
  • Software called Adobe Acrobat must be set up on your computer.
  • The formatting will not be lost during the procedure, but any monitored modifications performed in Word prior to exporting may be lost since PDFs do not support this capability.

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