How to Contact Vodafone Ghana Customer Care

Vodafone Ghana is the second-largest telecommunication website in Ghana with a huge number of customers. If you are a Vodafone subscriber, you have tried to reach their customer care once or twice. In this article, we will look at six (6) on how to contact Vodafone Ghana customer care.

Vodafone Ghana WhatsApp number

If you are a WhatsApp user, then this is a convenient way to contact Vodafone Ghana. Although you won’t get instant answers from a real person, their digital agent, TOBi, is brilliant to help you out mostly.

The WhatsApp number for Vodafone Ghana is 0501000300.

How to Contact Vodafone Ghana via WhatsApp

  1. Save the WhatsApp number +233501000300 on your phone.
  2. Send the number above Hi, using WhatsApp messenger.
  3. Their digital agent will instantly respond to your message with greetings and some options.
  4. If your problem falls under any of the options given, reply with the corresponding number. Example; reply 1 for 2 Moorch Data Bundles, 2 for Bossu offers, etc.
  5. Also, if your problem does not fall under any of the options given, you need to type your problem as a reply by giving them details. For example, I bought airtime from my Vodafone Cash account to my Vodafone number 020XXXXXXX today 01/09/2021 at 9:30 am but up to but have not received the airtime while the amount has been debited from my VCASH account.
  6. TOBi will direct you to a human agent. This may take some time.
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Contact Vodafone Ghana via Phone Call

This is the most used method to call Vodafone Ghana customer care. The number to call Vodafone ghana customer care is 100 for only Vodafone subscribers, which is free, and 050 555 5111 for other networks (not free for all networks, even Vodafone subscribers).

Contact Vodafone Ghana via Twitter

Twitter is another effective channel to contact Vodafone Ghana. Their representatives there are very active in answering all questions from their subscribers.

The official Twitter handle for Vodafone Ghana support is @Askvodafonegh.

To ask Vodafone ghana a question via Twitter is very easy. All you need to do is tweet your question and mention them by using @Askvodafonegh in your tweet.

Contact Vodafone Ghana via Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media platform worldwide. Vodafone Ghana has taken this opportunity as a medium to solve the problems of its subscribers.

The official Facebook account of Vodafone Ghana is Vodafone Ghana.

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You can your question by either posting on their wall or sending them a message.

Contact Vodafone Ghana via SMS

You can also send your problems and question to Vodafone customer care through their SMS shortcode 655 (Mobile) and 755 (Fixed). Remember that this is also not instant, but a representative will attend to you within 24 hours.

Contact Vodafone Ghana via Email

If you find email to be the best way to contact Vodafone Ghana, the email of Vodafone Ghana customer care is [email protected]. You can send your questions and challenges through this email address, and a representative will assist you.


I recommend Vodafone ghana for bringing these multiple channels to contact them. I always prefer the phone call since you will be interacting with the representation. However, it can take longer for an agent to answer the call since you may be in a long queue. 

If you ask a question that doesn’t need any form of interaction, I suggest you use their social media handles like Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

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