How To Clear Continue Watching On Disney Plus 

By | March 20, 2023

Disney Plus is a well-known streaming service with a huge selection of family-friendly films and television shows. Disney has fixed a lot of bugs and introduced new features over time. But, Disney+ does not let you manage your “Continue Watching” list. Users still have no influence over what shows in the list while it is displayed.

There is no provision to delete anything from the Continue Watching carousel, unlike Netflix and other providers. We have discovered a few solutions, though and we present them to you in this article.

How to Remove Movies from Disney Plus’s Continue Watching List

  • To access the “Continue Viewing” video carousel, scroll down.
  • To remove a movie from your Continue list, click on it. Move the playback line to the final moment in the film once it has started playing.
  • Ensure the playback line is reduced to zero. This won’t happen if you minimize the video because it will continue to play in the smaller window after you tap on it to restore it to full screen. Hold off until it has finished entirely.
  • Disney Plus will then identify that you have finally completed watching the series or film and can move on.
  • Ensure to reload the website when you return to the main screen. The movie or series has vanished, as you’ll see.

How to Remove Series from Disney Plus’s Continue Watching List

  • The “Continue Watching” carousel is seen after you scroll down.
  •  Select the series that you wish to cross off your list.
  • Open the show, then select the most recent season and episode. Fast-forward to the episode’s conclusion.
  • Ensure that the playback line is reduced to zero. Clicking on the video will bring it back up even if it has already minimized. Watch the seconds pass, and if you want to help, skip 10 seconds. Just wait until the final leg.
  • Refresh after returning to the main Disney Plus page.

How can I add a second Disney + profile?

Disney Plus, like other platforms, provides suggestions for content based on your past viewing habits, so going this route is actually necessary. Start viewing the stuff on your test account to ensure that it will be helpful to you. If the content isn’t right for you, you can avoid filling up your “Continue Watching” list. Then take the following actions to add an extra Disney Plus profile:

  • The ‘Add Profile’ button on the Disney + main menu should be clicked first.
  • At the top right of the window, hit “Done” after choosing Pictures and Profile Name.
  • Choose the account from which you would like to keep browsing next.
  • In this approach, you may check that a certain series or movie was successful in grabbing your interest by watching any video content in the second account. There is no mechanism to delete or clear the “Continue Watching” list, therefore you must use some other methods, which are undoubtedly not the most comfortable.

Will the built-in capability to control the “Continue viewing” list  be added to Disney Plus?

Disney Plus has not yet mentioned including a simpler method to delete content from the list’s “Continue Watching” section. Neither is there any information on a planned evaluation of this function.

The more users seek this option, the more Disney will have demands to approve it. To submit a suggestion for a product or piece of content, simply visit the Disney + feedback website and select the appropriate link. Then complete the form by clicking the “Give Feedback” button.

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