How To Check Your Vodafone Data Balance

By | August 15, 2022

As a mobile phone user, you will occasionally need to check your balance. You can determine when to make your next airtime purchase by checking your balance.

There are many networks in Ghana, but we will only discuss how to check your balance on Vodafone in this article. If you’re looking for instructions on how to check your Vodafone balance, then this article is for you.

About Vodafone Data Balance

Your remaining data on your Vodafone┬ámobile account are simply referred to as your “Vodafone Data balance.”

How To Check Your Vodafone Data Balance in Ghana

On Vodafone, checking your data balance is quite straightforward and uncomplicated. If you wish to check your Vodafone data balance, dial *124# to view your available Vodafone data balance.

Additionally, Vodafone provides a short that you can use to see your Vodafone data bonus and perform a variety of other tasks. Simply dial *126# to gain access to this service.

Some Vodafone Short Codes

100 – Call centre
*119* – Number# Send Call me back
600 – Porting
175 050 – Number reservation (Text #book+space+the number to 175)
1080 – Access code for fixed prepaid lines
*150# – Roaming enquiry
*151# – VIS (Vodafone Information Service)
*124# – Account balance
*134* – PIN Reload
*484*1# – Reseller balance
*142# – Swipe card service menu access
*126# – To check bundle information
*127# – To know a mobile number
12711# – General news
*200# – Vodafone Red offer
*505# – SOS credit
*700# – Vodafone mobile internet (Packages, bundles, and more)
*145# – Agent Sim registration
*313# – Vodafone live radio
*404# – Deactivating from VF Mini Pack
*900# – FBB bill payment and balance info
*400# – To check for your sim registration
*474# – Micro payment
*566# -Super Hour
*543# – Vodafone Good Morning
*480# – Vodafone Unlimited Offers
*110# – Vodafone Cash
*591# – Vodafone Cash Agent Helpline
*510# – Agent Application Code
558 – Register Vodafone Cash by sending register to shortcode
*530# – Made For Me
*533# – Yendi Agoro
*565# – Number For Life
*7070# – Vodafone Supreme
*556# – Vodafone Vim offers
*5888# – Vodafone X
##21# or ##002# – Deactivate from VF Mini pack

About Vodafone

The world’s largest mobile telecommunications operator, Vodafone Group Plc, with a sizable presence in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and the United States, operates in Ghana as Vodafone Ghana.

Ghanaians today prefer Vodafone as the only provider of complete communications solutions, including mobile, fixed lines, internet, voice, and data. In terms of market share, it is the second-place operator in the industry.

As a corporate entity, we cherish our clients and work hard to maintain strong ties with both the public and private sectors. The business aspires to deliver the creative and responsive service for which the Vodafone Group is known throughout the world.

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