How to Check Friday Bonanza Lotto Results For Today

By | July 18, 2023

If you’re an avid lotto player in Ghana, the Friday Bonanza lotto is undoubtedly one of the games you look forward to. With the potential for life-changing winnings, it’s crucial to stay updated with the latest Friday Bonanza lotto results. In this article, we will guide you on how to check the Friday Bonanza lotto results for today and keep you informed about the winning numbers. Stay tuned to increase your chances of winning big!

Friday Bonanza is a popular lottery game organized by the National Lottery Authority (NLA) in Ghana. It offers exciting cash prizes to participants who match the winning numbers. The draws take place every Friday, providing an opportunity for players to kickstart their weekends with a potential win.

View lotto results for Today below.

18th July, 2022. Friday Bonanza

Winning Numbers: 61, 70, 9, 19, 54

Last 5 Numbers: 53, 62, 35, 2, 73

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How to Check Friday Bonanza Lotto Results

To check the Friday Bonanza lotto results for today, you have several convenient options available. The time is Friday at 7:15 pm Here are some effective methods:

NLA Website

Visit the official website of the National Lottery Authority in Ghana. Look for the results section, where you can find the latest updates on various lotto games, including Friday Bonanza. Locate the specific results for today’s draw and check if your numbers match the winning combination.

Mobile Application

The NLA also offers a mobile application that you can download on your smartphone. Install the app and navigate to the results section. Look for Friday Bonanza lotto results for today and verify your ticket against the winning numbers.


Ghanaian newspapers often publish lottery results, including Friday Bonanza. Check the local newspapers and look for the lotto results section. Find the most recent Friday Bonanza results and compare them with your ticket.

Radio and Television Stations

Tune in to popular radio stations or watch television channels in Ghana that announce lotto results. Many stations broadcast the Friday Bonanza winning numbers live. Pay attention to the results announcement and note if your ticket matches the numbers drawn.

Stay Informed and Increase Your Chances

Now that you know how to check the Friday Bonanza lotto results, it’s essential to stay updated regularly. Mark the draw dates on your calendar and ensure you check the results promptly. Here are a few tips to increase your chances of winning:

  • Consistent Play: Participate in the Friday Bonanza lotto consistently. The more you play, the higher your chances of winning.
  • Random Number Selection: Consider using random number generators or quick picks when choosing your lotto numbers. This approach eliminates bias and increases the possibility of matching the winning combination.
  • Analyze Past Results: Study past Friday Bonanza lotto results to identify any patterns or trends. While lotto numbers are random, some players find it helpful to analyze historical data for insights.


Checking the Friday Bonanza lotto results for today is crucial if you want to stay informed and increase your chances of winning. Utilize the various methods mentioned in this article, such as visiting the NLA website, using the mobile app, checking newspapers, or tuning in to radio and television stations. Remember to play consistently and make use of random number selection techniques. Good luck, and may the Friday Bonanza lotto bring you great fortune!

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