How To Cancel Call Baring On MTN South Africa 2021

By | May 11, 2021

Cancelling your call barring on MTN South Africa is now easier to do if you are MTN South African user. What is Call baring: Call barring is the process of blocking a person or people from calling you.

This happens when we do not want anyone to disturb us and this all boils down to our personal reasons for doing so. Under MTN South Africa, you can block local calls to or from specific numbers at your own convenience.

If you are about to travel abroad, doing this feature might help a lot.

In my today’s article, I would like to show you on ICT Catalogue about how to cancel call barring on MTN South Africa.

How To Cancel Call Barring On MTN South Africa

Call 135 with your four-digit barring code, that is by default 0000. This code is for the activation which you have already done but can talk to the call center agent on how to cancel the service.

This is how to easily cancel call barring on MTN South Africa.

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