How To Buy College Admission Voucher Using Mobile Money In Ghana 2022

This article is useful for prospective applicants who wish to apply for admission into any of the Colleges of Education in Ghana. Today on ICT Catalogue, you’ll learn how to buy College admission Voucher using Mobile Money, the easiest and convenient way to apply for College admission in Ghana. For a complete guide, kindly read this article to the end.

Gone are the days when purchasing College of Education admission forms was a stressful experience. While it still exists today, it is no longer required because there is an officially hassle-free alternative to receive College entrance documents.

Since the introduction of Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), the majority of Ghanaians have found it completely pointless to wait in line at specific locations, wait for hours, and come with only hard copy indicating the “Serial Number” and “PIN“.

This article article guide will take you through How To Buy College Admission Voucher Using Mobile Money in Ghana.

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To buy College admission voucher using your mobile money, there are a few things you need to know. Applicants must note that accessing the USSD platform comes at a fee, and it is charged in addition to the actual cost of the admission voucher. You must have enough balance on your mobile wallet to be able to authorize payment.

How To Buy College Admission Voucher Using Mobile Money

Admission Voucher is a set of codes (that may include alphanumeric) that is designed as a requirement to start your online application process. In other words, you cannot proceed to apply for admission online without having to input such details.

As someone who would like to apply for College of Education admission online, you need to follow our complete guide on how to buy your college of education forms using Mobile Money in Ghana easily for 2022.

For this reason, applying to study at any of the Colleges of Education in Ghana will require the general public or prospective applicants to buy College admission voucher. This will allow them to be able to start the online admission process.

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Below are the steps on how to buy College admission voucher using your mobile money.

How To Buy College Admission Voucher Using Mobile Money

Here are the details on how to buy College admission voucher using mobile money.

Ghanaian applicants are required to purchase the e-voucher from the Ghana post offices or dial *924*8# on all networks and follow the prompts.

Applicants may also consider following these procedures to obtain the admission E-Voucher

1. Dial *924*8# on your phone.

2. Next enter Option 2 (Mobile Money)

3. Next, follow the prompt and provide all the fields with required and relevant information.

4. Next, Authorize Payment by entering your Mobile Money PIN.

Once successful, you will receive an SMS in a short while indicating the following:

5. Done.

In conclusion, these are the details on how applicants can buy College of Education Admission Voucher using mobile money in Ghana.

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