How To Buy AAMUSTED Admission Voucher Through Mobile Money

By | February 15, 2022

Do you want to apply for AAMUSTED admission? Today on ICT Catalogue, I will show you how to buy the Akenten Appiah-Menkah University of Skills Training and Entrepreneur Development, AAMUSTED Admission Voucher through Mobile Money. The procedure is as simple as you can easily grasp if only you read to the end of this article.

I have explained in most of the related articles, how relevant this admission voucher is when it comes to the online application process. Basically, applicants who wish to apply for AAMUSTED admission must buy the admission voucher.

Now, to answer the question, “Where can I buy AAMUSTED admission forms?” which I strongly believe most people do ask, kindly read the details provided below for the answer.

How To Buy AAMUSTED Admission Voucher Through Mobile Money


How To Buy AAMUSTED Admission Voucher Through Mobile Money

Want to know where to buy AAMUSTED admission forms? Well, Ghanaian applicants can purchase the admission voucher from the Ghana Post Offices. But, there is a much easier way to get the admission voucher (that is, buying through your Mobile Money). This way, you do not have to go to any Post Office, form queues and unnecessary delay.

It does not really matter the type of phone (whether smartphone or “Yam”) you are using, all that matters is to have enough balance that can be used to purchase the Voucher.

Applicants may also consider following these procedures to successfully purchase the admission E-Voucher:

1. Dial *447*160# on all networks.

2. Select Option 2 (Forms and E-Voucher) and click on the “Send” button

3. Next, select (AAMUSTED) and click on the “Send” button

4. You may choose from the options (i.e. Undergraduate IDL, Undergraduate Regular, and Postgraduate) and click on the “Send” button

5. Select Option 1 (Continue) and click on the “Send” button

6. Enter Name as reference

7. Confirm Payment by selecting Option 1, and click on the “Send” button

8. Confirm Payment Authorization to complete the process.

9. Once the process is successful, you will receive an SMS alert with your E-Voucher details.

10. You are finally done. That is how easy to purchase an AAMUSTED Admission Voucher using Mobile Money.

In conclusion, these are the comprehensive steps on how to buy AAMUSTED Admission Vouchers through Mobile Money. As indicated earlier in this article, you can also visit any branch of the Ghana Post Offices to buy the vouchers.

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    Pls I just bought AAMUSTED forms through Momo but I haven’t received my code

  2. Henry Arhin

    Please I’ve bought AAMUSTED forms through momo but I haven’t received my voucher details. What do I do ?


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